Giving my Cat CBD

Meet Sagan. He is an American shorthair who earned his nickname “Yung Thug” due to his affinity for knocking fragile objects off of tall surfaces. He is loving, playful and only three years old. He came to my fiance and I quite sickly, and afraid of many things, leading me to believe his prior home was abusive. Unfortunately he also gets really stressed when separated from my fiance and I, and suffers from inflammation in his paw. Given that I had used CBD in the past for similar issues, I decided to try giving him CBD to help his adjustment to his new life, as well as his stress and paw troubles. 


When I first adopted Sagan, I did not work a full-time job. This meant I got to spend a lot of time at home with him, but once I did start working full-time, he became very stressed whenever I would leave the house. This would also lead him to acting out whenever I wasn’t home which further reinforced his nickname. I had seen research that talked about how cats -- like most vertebrates -- have an endocannabinoid system and therefore may see benefits from taking CBD. Since CBD has helped me tremendously, I started giving my cat CBD as well. To treat the stress he was experiencing, I would drop 2mg of the Active CBD Oil bacon flavored tincture on his dry food before bed, and he would calm down a ton. As he grew older, I later found that 2mg wasn’t enough and tested out different doses of CBD. 4mg turned out to be the sweet spot for him, and to this day whenever he has a need for CBD, I give him that 4mg dose. Luckily, this is the exact amount contained in a single dropper of this tincture, which makes dosing very easy.


Unfortunately in the past year, Sagan developed a lot of inflammation in his paw. We ended up taking him to the vet to see what could be done to alleviate this problem. The vet ended up giving him antibiotics, which Sagan’s paw unfortunately didn’t respond to. However, when I told the vet that we were giving Sagan CBD occasionally, he told us that was a great idea and instructed us to continue giving him CBD. To some extent, the CBD has helped him with the inflammation, but not entirely. The vet and I are both stumped as to what could be the cause of this inflammation and we are still working towards a proper treatment for Sagan, but in the meantime are continuing with giving him CBD whenever his paw flares up. 

Sagan has grown big and strong in the past couple of years, and he has outgrown many of the fears he used to have of daily objects as well as his fear of being home alone. He is much more independent now, though still loves to be cuddly and wrapped in blankets or caves at all times. CBD has made quite a big difference in his health, and I am so grateful for the ability to give my cat a product that improves his quality of life so much. 

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