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Hemp oil and Hair Growth

Posted by Sydney Parrish on

Hair loss is generally caused by inherited factors, disease, stress, medicines, injury, aging, or poor hair care. Treatments for hair loss include medications, surgery, laser therapy, and wigs/hairpieces. Side effects concerning specific medications used are increased risk of prostate cancer and diminished sex drive/function. Surgical procedures are sometimes painful, typically expensive, and could cause infection or scarring. Isn't there a safer way to promote hair growth?


Hair loss isn't the only issue. Some people with full heads of hair suffer from dry hair and scalp, brittle hair, and eczema. Lack of essential fatty acids is believed to be the blame.Omega-3 fatty acids enhance blood circulation and cell growth in the scalp, which is necessary for new hair follicles to grow. Essential acids aid circulation of blood in the body and this ensures that the scalp is getting what it needs. It also helps the hair follicles to absorb nutrients. Now people are wondering, how can I obtain these helpful acids?

Hemp is considered one of the few complete sources of protein on the planet and considered a super food. It's the only vegetable protein that has all the required essential amino acids our bodies need. Oil is extracted from hemp seeds, producing hemp powders and supplements including:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Fibers
  • Antioxidants

Hemp oil has been used for several years to enhance hair growth. Many people combine the oil with conditioners and shampoos and the oil helps to prevent loss of moisture. The oil also helps to soften and protect your scalp and hair during those extreme cold, dry days. Hemp oil also stimulates new hair growth. Hair is made of keratin, which is mostly a protein. Hemp oil provides this protein during growth, especially when added to a diet.


You're probably trying to decide if hemp oil for your hair is the right move for you. According to many experts, it will help. However, you are the only one that can decide what is best for you and your hair. Fortunately, there are no known cases where someone has had an adverse effect from using hemp oil for hair growth.



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