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Cool Tips for Hot Days

Posted by Michael Inglehearn on

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. It's also blazing hot out, especially when you add the humidity to the heat. So, how do we keep cool? Sure we could, "stay inside", but nobody wants to be cooped up all summer. This is what we waited for all winter, right? Well here are a few tips to get you through these blistering days, so you can enjoy the great outdoors, safely. 

  1. Stay Hydrated This should go without saying, but staying hydrated will definitely help keep your body temperature down. But water is stored daily, and although it helps while out in the heat, it's much better if you stay well hydrated for days ahead of your outdoor adventure. 
  2. Wear Breathable Clothing Clothing is very important when trying to beat the heat. Stay away from clothing that's too thick or sticks to your body. If you work out often you might have some "stay cool" products which can be helpful. Light cottons or linens are typically good in warm weather as they are light and breezy. 
  3. Plan Your Meals Instead of eating a couple of big hot meals for the day, try eating several small meals or snacks throughout the day. It could be helpful to eat cool fruits, ice cream, or a small sandwich to get you by.
  4. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol Caffeine and alcohol can make you dehydrated which could affect you in drastic ways especially in the heat. Dehydration can cause heat exhaustion, or heat strokes during hot days. 
  5. Take a Dip You can't go wrong with jumping into a nice cool body of water on a hot day. If you have access to a pool, lake, pond, etc. hopping in and just wading around for a few minutes can help keep your body temperature low. 
  6. Pick Your Time Wisely If you need to do some work outside or have some outdoor projects that need to be done, then picking your time of day can have a huge impact on whether you stay cool or sweat buckets. Early morning or late evenings are usually the best times to work on hot days. This is because those times are typically cooler because the sun is low and temperatures are either elevating or depleting. 
    It may be hot, but you can still enjoy the outdoors and keep as cool as possible. Unfortunately, we can't change the weather, but we can be prepared for the worst. I hope these tips help you stay cool and if it's still unbearable you can always go back inside and kick on the A/C.  

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