Product Review: 30 mg CBD Lollipop by Green Roads

Product Review: 30 mg CBD Lollipop by Green Roads

Every time I am asked to do a review, I get excited. The opportunity to test and compare CBD products has to be one of my favorite unexpected benefits from my job at Discover CBD. Some trials go well, and some turn out to be less than impressive. Fortunately, I was surprised by how much I liked the gluten-free Green Roads 30 mg cannabidiol lollipop.

 Green Roads 30 mg CBD lollipop from Discover CBD - ships to all 50 states

The concept of a CBD lollipop makes sense logically - the product slowly dissolves in the mouth, allowing absorption through the mucous membranes directly into the bloodstream for more rapid and efficient absorption than a CBD edible that is swallowed quickly, such as a chocolate bar which would absorb more slowly through the stomach. Some of the lollipop's CBD is swallowed as well, so it produced a blend of rapid sublingual effects transition to the more subtle extended duration of effects from swallowed CBD. For me, it was nice to have a product that produced effects through two routes of administration with only one dosage - usually I am required to combine two different products, such as a capsule and a sublingual tincture to get this blend of rapid absorption and extended duration. 

Green Roads Lollipop 30 mg CBD available from Discover CBD

I got a positive impression of the actual Green Roads lollipop as well, not just the concept of a CBD lollipop. I approached trying the lollipop with some skepticism due to a review left by a customer, which stated the lollipop's flavor was less than delicious. I expected it to be awful, as some full spectrum hemp products have an unappealing taste, but was very pleasantly surprised. I was given a yellow lollipop, which I later found out to be lemon-honey flavored. I love a glass of fresh lemonade, and the lollipop totally reminded me of the flavor of lemonade! As I continued enjoying the lollipop, a mild flavor of hemp and CBD did start to become more noticeable, but this is expected with ALL full spectrum CBD products. If customers want a CBD edible with no hemp flavor, they should try an isolate based product, such as the wonderfully delicious CBD gummies! However, some customers prefer having the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in full spectrum products beyond just CBD. 

The lollipop is gluten free and has a simple list of ingredients which is another positive factor for me. The ingredients include: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, food color, and pharmaceutical grade CBD oil according to Green Road's website. 

The strength of the lollipop at 30 mg of cannabidiol was also satisfying. I specifically wanted to use the full 30 mg in one dose, which produced stronger effects compared to my normal 10-15 mg sublingual or 25 mg swallowed CBD dosage. Some customers could get their desired dosage from using half the lollipop and saving half for later. I recently tried another CBD lollipop which was 10 mg CBD, and it left me wishing the dosage had been slightly higher.

CBD Lollipops and other Edibles from Discover CBD - Active CBD Oil Hemp Powder

To purchase other great edibles such as chocolate bars, visit Discover CBD's edible section. We also carry a variety of other CBD products to meet everyone's needs. If you need assistance determining which CBD product would be best for you, we are available through the online chat feature as well as at (719) 358-7553. 


CBD lollipops are a sweet and sour candy that is made with CBD oil. The lollipops are designed to help people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and pain. The lollipops are also said to help improve sleep quality and promote focus. CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The candy is handmade from scratch using real fruit juice, pure cane sugar, and locally sourced ingredients. As the name suggests, the basic flavor of the candy is sour apple.
CBD percentages per volume vary depending on the type of CBD used and CBD content in the candy will range from anywhere between 1% and 25%, CBD percentages in CBD lollipops can be much higher than other CBD products, but this is because CBD lollipops take less time to digest and enter your bloodstream. The CBDs used in CBD lollipop fabrication are typically hemp derived and carry a CBDa percentage which varies depending on where you get them.
As CBD becomes more and more popular, CBD lollipop options are starting to become available for those who would prefer a CBD infused edible form of intake. For those who may know CBD as an oil or a powder, CBD can also be consumed in a lollipop form by dissolving the CBD into a solution and soaking a piece of candy with it. The benefit of CBD lollipops is they offer higher doses than what might be contained in edibles like brownies or cakes, because unlike most foods high in fat, sugar free CBD infused candies don't need to be super dense to make them taste good.
The answer depends on a few factors, including the size of the lollipop and the individual's metabolism. Generally speaking, however, you should start feeling the effects within 30-60 minutes.So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to consume CBD, lollipops are a great option. Plus, they're a lot of fun! So why not give them a try?
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