I Want To Vape CBD, What's The Best Vape Product For Me?

Vaping CBD has quickly become one of the most popular methods of consumption, especially for those trying to manage stress.  If you are interested in vaping CBD, you’ll notice that there are three main categories of vapable products, and the differences between them may not be immediately apparent to the average consumer. If you’re wondering which product is best for you, read on! 

The first and most popular type of vapable CBD is our disposable vape cartridges (often referred to as “carts). Cartridges are popular because they are so easy to use, and require very little thought.  They simply screw into a vape battery, and they’re immediately ready to go. You don’t need to worry about filling them with fluid or making a mess because they are pre-filled and sealed. They screw into 510-threaded batteries, which are the industry standard for universal fit. Some batteries are designed only to fit proprietary pods, but almost every other battery on the market uses this same threading for cartridges and tanks. Our cartridges are filled with THC-free hemp distillate, and do not contain any chemical fillers or thinning agents. They are quite concentrated, so they tend to be most popular with people who want to take infrequent single hits as opposed to those who like to vape frequently throughout the day. 



Consumers who do prefer to vape frequently throughout the day tend to gravitate toward our vape juices (also known as “e-liquids”). The most notable difference between these and cartridges is the addition of fruity or creamy flavors. They are less concentrated, but come in much larger quantities, as they are designed to fill reusable vape tanks. One hit of a vape juice contains less CBD than one hit from a cartridge, but the 60mL bottle of vape juice allows the consumer to take a lot more of those hits. This allows consumers to vape frequently and enjoy the flavors without running through the entire bottle too quickly. If you like flavored vapor and prefer to take several hits in frequent intervals, vape juice may be more useful to you than a cartridge. We also carry an extremely concentrated vape additive which can be mixed into any non-CBD vape juice in order to infuse it with CBD.


The third category of vapable products, which has a more niche following, is CBD isolate or shatter. This is CBD in its purest form, and as a result it offers the strongest concentration for a single hit out of any of these products. The reason these are not as popular as the other options, however, is because it requires a little bit more work to consume.  To vape isolate or shatter, you need to load each individual hit before you take it, as opposed to having a filled tank from which you can take multiple hits without refilling. Isolate and shatter can be loaded into special concentrate vape coils, vaped from a dab rig, or even sprinkled into cannabis flower if you are smoking.  These products tend to be most popular with people who intend to consume infrequently, and with those who already own dab rigs or similar apparatus. 

Remember: There is no “best” method of vaping CBD, only the best method for you!  Whatever you choose, we’ve got it in stores and our customer service reps are always happy to run through your options with you to help you decide. Come on in to a Discover CBD location and ask about vape products!

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