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CBD News — isolate

CBD Infused Spring Vinaigrettes!

Posted by Erin Christie on

With Summer rapidly approaching, this Spring is the perfect time to dress up your favorite salads and meats with light and flavorful dressings! These Vinaigrette recipes will have your taste buds screaming for Spring time and might even be the aid you are looking for to dress up those healthy greens and get that summer body you've been working so hard to achieve!  

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Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injury, and CBD

Posted by Chris Howard on

In general, those with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury and their guardians look to CBD for relief after running the gauntlet of conventional therapies and becoming discouraged by distressing adverse effects. Many of these individuals do find relief with CBD products, and find that their relief comes without any unwanted side effects.

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Active CBD Oil - Green 17% and its Potential Therapeutic Properties

Posted by Lucas Bankston on

Curious about our Active Green and Gold Label Oils? This article delves into the differences and similarities of both. Links have been included for easy reading and further research. From the common uses, potential benefits, and recent developments, this article will aid you on your journey through the often confusing world of CBD oil.

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Cannabidiol Concentrate: CBD Isolate Vs. CBD Shatter

Posted by Rachelle Gordon on

There are many different cannabidiol (CBD) oil products on the market, with one of the newest, and most popular, being concentrates. This version of concentrated CBD comes in powder or crystallized form and is much more concentrated than traditional CBD oil, and is sometimes referred to as isolate or shatter. People typically use a vaporizer or similar apparatus to deliver this form of CBD through their lungs. Concentrates, which are sometimes referred to as "dabs" are created in a process that involves the use of butane gas or other solvents, chemical or otherwise, to extract the active ingredients. Here at Discover CBD, we actually...

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