Maine aims to protect Organ Transplant Recipients that use Medical Cannabis

     In 2012 a Maine man, Garry Godfrey, was removed from the wait list for a new kidney after waiting for nearly 10 years. He was not finding proper relief for his symptoms of Alport Syndrome through his prescriptions, and turned to Cannabis in hopes of being able to function normally day-to-day. Godfrey reaped the benefits of the plant happily, until he was informed in 2010 that the hospital adopted a new policy. The policy prohibits transplant candidates from using Cannabis, due to a risk of an invasive fungal infection, according to the Maine Medical Center spokesman.

     However, people did not take the news lightly and state lawmakers hope to change that rule. The proposed law, LD 764 would protect Medical Cannabis patients in Maine from being denied organ transplants based on their use of Medical Cannabis. LD 764 has already been approved by the Join Standing Committee on Health and Human Services.

     At this pivotal point in history where Cannabis laws are changing on a daily basis, anything seems possible. As more and more patients' cases come to light, we are starting to see a shift in the acceptance of Cannabis in a positive direction and we hope to see it continue.

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