Managing Menstrual Pain with CBD

Menstruation, also known as periods, is something people are so quiet about, and many do not understand. It’s natural and normal for most people with a uterus, but we’re often embarrassed to admit it. It’s often seen as gross and dirty, which is a perspective that doesn’t help anyone out. One of the main issues with the hush hush nature of society’s view on menstruation is that it leaves many women, young girls, and people with a uterus in positions where they can’t be upfront about what they’re going through. Several studies collected data suggesting that up to 71% of women under 25 experience dysmenorrhea, also known as period pain. This pain may lead to decreased productivity, and even taking time off from school and work. This in turn means missing out on opportunities. I lost many of my highschool days to period pain, and am grateful that I have found ways to use CBD to help. With much trial and error, I’ve found a variety of products and methods that help me get out of bed on those mornings where I just want to curl up in a ball and stay like that all day.  

Menstruation is the natural shedding of the uterine lining that builds up during a person’s menstrual cycle. The cycle generally lasts 21-35 days while the body prepares an ideal home for a potential pregnancy by building up the uterine lining. The cycle starts again when someone starts shedding the uterine lining, and begins to bleed. For some people, this process can be incredibly painful, and there are many hormonal shifts throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Often on these days where I’d be at home in pain I’d feel so isolated. The fact that menstruation isn’t talked about publicly made me feel alone, but I’m not alone. A survey conducted in the Netherlands found that on average approximately 13% of women missed school or work due to their periods -- and 3% found this to be a recurring issue. While that number may seem small, that doesn’t mean that those who do go to work or school aren’t affected. Anyone who has ever tried to concentrate while in pain can probably sympathize with this. Thankfully, research has shown that CBD has the potential to relieve pain. I can definitely say, I would have missed a lot more work this past year if it weren’t for CBD. 

I’ve found a few different CBD products that have been helpful for me during my periods. While there are many different ways I incorporate CBD into my routine during my cycle, my go to product is our Active CBD transdermal patches. The word transdermal comes from the Latin root word “trans” meaning across and the Greek root word “derm” meaning skin, and therefore transdermal patches are specifically designed to allow the CBD to pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream, which may yield potential health benefits. Each patch contains 60 mg of CBD isolate and 4% lidocaine, and there are four patches in each package. Some people may report feeling drowsy when taking higher doses of CBD, myself included, so I rarely take a whole patch. It’s not conducive to my productivity to be falling asleep at work, so I usually cut my patches into quarters and take a 15 mg dose. On really bad days though, I do find myself using half a patch, which yields 30 mg of CBD. That will make me sleepy, but if I’m lucky enough to have a day off on those really painful days, I won’t even think twice about taking a dose that high. These patches are also made from CBD isolate -- which means they contain no THC, or anything else from the hemp plant. This offers an option for people interested in trying out CBD, but looking to avoid THC. Another great part I love about these patches is that they last all day for me and I tend to feel affects pretty quickly after administration. While these patches work great for me, they are not the only CBD product I rely on.

On occasions where I want a more luxurious treatment, I will give myself a simple CBD spa day. I start out by making some tea and stir in some CBD infused honey. I like ginger, peppermint, or raspberry leaf tea when I’m on my period -- and adding the honey brings a nice sweetness to the tea. Then I prepare a bath using the Active CBD Bath Bombs.They come in three amazing scents; lavender, peppermint, and lemon-eucalyptus. Each one is made with 40 mg of CBD isolate and can work as a widespread topical as you submerge your body into the bath. Many people already love taking baths during their period, and I find that using a bath bomb enhances the experience. While it may be more work than the patches it is worth it to treat myself with a relaxing bath as I sip on my tea.

While CBD does help me, there are still some days where I just need to stay in bed all day and rest up. Menstruation is something I often wish I didn’t have to deal with, but it can be a great time for much needed rest and reflection. If you’re considering using our CBD products to aid in your menstrual pain, be sure to consult your doctor -- especially if you’re on any other medications. More research is still needed on CBD and menstruation, though the anecdotal stories like mine and many others may give hope for some potential relief. That being said, I’m so grateful to have found something that could help me with my painful periods. Hopefully with the rise of CBD, we can lower the statistics of people missing out on life and wellness due to their period pain. 

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