New Active CBD Oil Levi’s Watermelon Vape Juice Review

With all of the new products coming out here at Discover CBD, we thought it would be nice to do some product reviews to give our customers some idea of how these new products perform and what we think of them. After some thought, I knew exactly which product I wanted to review: Levi’s Watermelon, one of our new 550mg vape juices. I love to vape fruity flavors, and my favorite of our 150mg lineup is our Passion Fruit flavor, so it was natural for me to gravitate towards our Levi’s Watermelon flavor.

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After I got my bottle of vape juice, I added it to my tank and started vaping. These juices are made with an 80/20 PG/VG blend, which is necessary to hold all of the CBD we packed into them. Despite this, the throat hit was not overwhelming or scratchy, which seems to be most people’s biggest issue with PG-based vape juices.

So how did it perform? The watermelon flavor definitely did not taste like candy watermelon. Instead, it tastes more like fresh watermelon at a picnic in July. Lightly sweet, crisp, and flavorful. So, the flavor is great! But what about the CBD? While I can definitely feel the effect of the Passion Fruit vape juice when I vape it, the effect of the Levi’s Watermelon flavor is even more pronounced, with 550mg of CBD per bottle. After a few hits from my vape, I can feel my anxiety evening out and diminishing. I noticed that it took fewer hits from the Levi's Watermelon to have the same effect as several hits from the Passion Fruit vape juice. It really is effective for me! It's important to point out, though, that everybody's metabolism and body chemistry is different, so not everybody may see the same results.

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If you love to vape, and love vaping CBD and fruity flavors, give this one a try!

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