Ouch, The Sun Touched Me and Now I'm Burned! Using Topical CBD On a Sunburn

Summer is here, finally a chance for outdoor activities! After staying inside all winter, and then being stuck in quarantine, there’s nothing more exciting than getting outside in the fresh air, and feeling the sun on your skin. Unfortunately, along with that wonderful warm feeling comes the danger of skin damage from sun exposure. This is particularly problematic for those of us with fair skin living in Colorado or other high-altitude areas. 

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Here in the mile high city, the atmosphere is a lot thinner than in cities at sea level. Aside from the obvious effect this has on oxygen levels, atmospheric density also significantly affects sun intensity and the potential danger of the sun’s UV rays. The higher elevation and thinner atmosphere exposes us to almost 30% more ultraviolet radiation than at sea level, making it a lot easier to get overexposed and experience sunburn. 


Preventative measures against sun exposure are of course the best course of action. Hats, sunscreen, and clothing can help protect your skin from the sun’s radiation and should be used whenever possible. That being said, sunburns still happen, and proper after-care is important to minimize the damage to your skin. The dryness and inflammation of a sunburn are painful and annoying, and while there is no way to immediately get rid of that feeling, topical CBD can be helpful! After a recent sunburn I found amazing relief with the Active CBD Oil 1,100mg Salve, which helped alleviate the painful inflammation and kept my skin moisturized at the same time. 

CBD’s natural anti-inflamatory and analgesic properties can help mitigate the negative side effects of your damaged skin cells’ defensive response. Within 15 minutes of applying the salve to my red, swollen skin, the pain became much more manageable. CBD is by no means a cure-all magical painkiller, but the near-instant relief I felt was significant. Given my near-transluscent pale skin I have experienced countless sunburns in my life, and I’ve tried a plethora of after-care products and home-made concoctions, none of which compare to the effects I got with this salve. On top of the pain relief, it kept my burn moisterized and did not irritate the sensitive skin the way that other lotions do. Many lotions contain crazy amounts of ingredients that I can’t pronounce and have not heard of, and some even contain forms of alcohol that can make burns much more painful. This salve, on the other hand, only contains six natural ingredients, none of which have any confusing chemical-sounding names. I like knowing exactly what I’m putting on my skin, and the simple straightforward formula puts my mind at ease. 


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Please make sure to protect yourself from sun exposure this summer, but if you do experience a sunburn, this salve may be worth trying! It has also helped me with joint pain and muscle aches, and I even use it as a lip balm sometimes. It’s very useful to have around! 

Go have some fun in the sun, stay safe, and wear sunscreen! 

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