Product Review: Active CBD oil Super Strength Salve

The original Active CBD oil Super Strength Salve is one of our most popular topicals available on, so we felt it deserved a review! Each 2 oz. jar contains 150mg of CBD.

I'm doing this review on behalf of my husband, Austin, who has been using the salve consistently for 3 weeks. Austin works for a concrete business and would come home in agonizing pain daily from sore muscles, joints, and a never fully-recovered broken hand from a few years prior. After just a week of noticing the daily intense pain, he started to seek out help. We were gifted the Active CBD oil Super Strength Salve and the results were a blessing.


10/10. The small jar makes it convenient to toss in a bag or even a lunchbox so you can easily take it with you on-the-go. The labeling was very professional and caught the eye of many of his co-workers, also suffering from similar pain.


10/10. Many CBD topicals contain ingredients such as peppermint or menthol, which means applying it to a sensitive area is a no-go. However, this super strength salve was made with Arnica and Rosemary; Austin was able to apply the topical to his groin muscles without any irritation!


9/10. Austin used this topical every evening for at least 3 weeks and within the first 2 days, he was able to notice relief during the nighttime. After using the topical consistently for a week, he noticed the muscles were not causing him any pain throughout the work day. We paid extra attention to his hand and made sure to massage the topical into the skin to help with absorption. He now is even able to use his hand normally with very minimal pain, which was only a pipe dream before.

Overall, his experience was very positive and Austin plans on continuing to use the Super Strength Salve!

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