Product Review: Urbal Activ Cat Treats

Meet your Testers: Snicker and Hobbes

These two cats couldn't be more different! Snickerdoodle (Snicker) is a 7-year old wild cat at heart. Despite her small stature, she is fierce. Her number one goal in life is to play. Does not matter the time or place, Snicker is ready to pounce on any shoelace, ribbon, or sombrero that comes her way. Hobbes, on the other hand, is a 8-year old rescue. He had a rough start at life and was found abandoned with a grown in collar and malnourishment. Now, he is healthy cat with a big heart. He still struggles with stress left over from his days as an inner-city alley cat. Loud noises and sudden movements cause him to run like the wind to the safety of a closet or under some blankets.




I have been giving both Snicker and Hobbes one Urbal Activ Cat Treat (1.6 mg of CBD) per day. Snicker doesn't usually eat cat treats because a cat treat is not play. I placed one treat each in with food each morning.


Packaging: 10/10

The bag is resealable so the treats stayed good throughout the entire bag. Added bonus is the cute kitty on the front the instantly reminded me of Snickerdoodle.


Ingredients & Taste: 9/10

The ingredients are relatively few and all natural. My cats don't have any dietary restrictions, but the treats are soy-free and gluten-free. Snicker is a very picky eater. She doesn't like any brand of cat treats, cat nip, or even some wet foods. Instead, she prefers to scoop a single nibblet of food out of her bowl and chase it around the floor a little before eating it. These CBD fish treats are one of the first treats I have seen her eat! (I did place her treat in her food bowl, but she didn't seem especially interested in the treat over regular food.) Hobbes gobbled up the treat before touching his food. He must really love the Albacore Tuna flavor.


Effectiveness: 10/10

After the first two days, I noticed a slight difference in both Snicker and Hobbes. Snicker seemed more lovey and a little less chaotic. Instead of chasing down Hobbes when she got bored, she spent more time in her window seat just purring away. Hobbes also got some relief from the CBD treats. Very loud noises still scare him, but he seems less stressed when it came to sudden movements and sounds happening around him. He used to run anytime someone clapped their hands or walked down the flight of steps, but now he seems alerted to the situation but not as fearful. Both Snicker and Hobbes agree that we will be buying more of the Urbal Activ Cat Treats.

Don't have a cat? We also carry Gluten-free and Soy-Free CBD Dog treats. 

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