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By Adam F September 16, 2020 0 comments

These days, we are all very familiar with the necessity of online shopping in order to avoid exposure at public places. Social distancing is important, and being able to order products directly to your home makes your shopping experience safer and more convenient.  Here at Discover CBD, we take that safety and convenience to the next level. Our top priority has always been to provide our customers with clean, consistent, and safe CBD products. In the midst of this pandemic, we are especially proud of our ability to go above and beyond the expectations that we set for ourselves. When you order from us, you know without a doubt that your product was handled safely throughout the entire shipping process, and that it will be delivered discreetly. 


To start, all of our products are made in an ISO-7 rated clean room. This is essentially a giant sealed paneled room in which every aspect of cleanliness is completely controlled. Every object and surface is sanitized, and the air inside the room is filtered and replaced every 20 seconds with an array of over 60 industrial HEPA filters. Every employee that enters the ISO clean room is covered head-to-toe in protective cleanliness gear, and passes through a sanitation air-shower chamber before stepping foot inside the room. All of these measures prevent contaminants from even being able to enter the room, much less come into contact with our products as they are being made. This is the largest state-certified cannabis manufacturing clean room in the USA, and it is quite a far cry from the companies making CBD oil in dirty garages. We aim to set the new standard for how all CBD companies should be regulated. It costs us more to provide these safe and clean conditions, but it is absolutely worth the cost to know that our consumers are safe. We simply could not imagine operating in any other way.

iso room

Once the product is ready for shipping it goes directly from the ISO clean room to our shipping department 20 feet away. Every single employee wears proper PPE gear including gloves and masks while they prepare your order for shipping. We make sure to discreetly package all orders, because your privacy matters a lot to us. We ship to every state in the country, and while these hemp-derived products are completely legal, there is still a social stigma in some places. With our shipping practices, there is no need to worry about nosy neighbors seeing a giant label that says “Look everyone, there’s CBD in this box!”  Your CBD products are your business, and nobody else’s, and we intend to keep it that way. You can see for yourself how happy people are, just with our shipping alone: 



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