Strain Snobs Hemp Flower

Strain Snobs Hemp Flower

Our hemp flower contains less than 0.3% of THC and may give you relief without having to consume high amounts of THC or feeling too “high”. 
*we cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug test, consume at your own risk*
We offer many different strains, each with its own unique terpene profile and effects.

Why would I choose Hemp Flower over Cannabis Flower?

There are many reasons a lot of people these days are turning to hemp flower over cannabis/marijuana flower. The most obvious reason is for people who cannot consume THC due to jobs and careers or having the possibility of being drug tested. However our hemp flower does contain less than 0.3% THC, so we cannot guarantee that it may prove a positive or negative test for THC.

 I personally worked in medical marijuana dispensaries for over 10 years, and as the industry progressed the laws became much stricter, but what unsettled me the most was the rise of  the percentage of THC in the flower and concentrates. They were increasing tremendously. When I first started working in the industry, most flower strains were testing at an average around 10-15% THC. Most strains found in dispensaries are testing twice that amount these days. Many people cannot or do not want to consume flower that is 30%+ of THC, or concentrates that are as high as even 90% THC. Our bodies do not necessarily need that much THC to help with any ailments. Having such high THC percentages can take away the benefit of the other cannabinoids found in the plant, as the THC overshadows them. Having a balanced level of all of the cannabinoids, including THC and CBD creates the entourage effect. Check out our blog on the Entourage Effect and how it impacts our experience with CBD and THC.  

 So this turned a lot of the industry from being actual medicine, to people just looking to get really high. This is why I left that side of the industry and came to Discover CBD, where we focus more on how hemp plants can help us medicinally. Anyways, let’s continue..

Another reason people are turning to hemp flower is to fulfill the desire to smoke, and still being able to function properly throughout the day, while enjoying the benefits and relief of CBD. It has also helped a lot of customers quit smoking cigarettes, as it still provides the “hand to mouth” satisfaction that many people get when smoking cigarettes. 

Hemp flower is one of our most fast acting products we sell. This is because when you inhale the hemp flower into your lungs, it hits the blood system much faster than a tincture or edible would. However, this being said, the effects do leave your system quicker than they would with a tincture or edible. But for quick fast acting relief, hemp flower might be right for you. Let’s dive more into the terpenes before we explore our strains. 


What are they and what do they mean? How can they influence the effectiveness of the hemp or cannabis you are using? 

Over time many of our favorite classic cannabis strains like Blue Dream, OG Kush, Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, White Widow, just to name a few, have been so over hybridized that they usually cannot provide the same indica or sativa experience you may have been used to with those strains back in the day. Nowadays, a lot of people are depending on the terpenes found naturally in the hemp and cannabis plants for the effect they are looking for. Terpenes have a huge effect on how we may feel from a certain strain, as these are basically the essential oils of the hemp and cannabis plants. It is very similar to using an essential oil diffuser in your household, which has become very popular over the recent years. The citrus and pine oils can provide an uplifting effect, lavender and other floral oils tend to have a calming effect, and more earthy and musty oils tend to provide a sedative effect. These same kinds of oils can be found naturally in the hemp plant. Let’s explore a little deeper into the different terpenes, as this can help you decide which strain may be best for you.


Beta-Myrcene is one of the most popular terpenes found in the hemp and cannabis plants. It has flavors of hops, lemongrass, verbena, bay, and mellow citrus. Beta-Myrcene is found naturally in mangoes and has shown to improve the effects of the hemp and cannabis plants. This is why many people eat mangoes while consuming hemp flower to help enhance the effects. There is also evidence that Beta-Myrcene “May also have a role in assisting cannabinoids to be absorbed across the blood-brain barrier, increasing transport into the brain and enhancing psychoactive responses”. It is also shown to have analgesic, sedative, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Beta-Caryophyllene is another very popular terpene found in the hemp plants. It has flavors of clove, rosemary, black pepper, and slight hints of lavender. It is known to have anti-cancer, anti-tumoral, and anti-inflammatory properties. This terpene is known to be very relaxing and may help with anxiety, depression, and even IBS and other gut health issues, as it binds to our CB2 receptors which are found in our gut. Our gut and brain health are directly connected. Check out our blog that explains this in more detail.


As the name suggests, this terpene has a very piney scent and flavor, like a pine tree. “Both Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene are perhaps the most noted in the scientific community for their ability to increase mental alertness, clarity, and overall cognitive functions”. Beta-Pinene has also been researched for their help with bronchodilation, pain relief, epilepsy, cancer treatment, and neuroprotection on our myelin sheaths. There is also evidence that pinenes are anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. 


Limonene is a very popular terpene mainly found in more uplifting-sativa-like strains and “It’s part of the hydrocarbon family, which means that the limonene structure is made up of a mixture of hydrogen and carbon atoms bonded together in a unique formation”. There are many potential benefits to using hemp or cannabis flower that is high in limonene. It is known to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. One great study that came out in 2018 “showed that limonene helped slowed down and even stop the growth of cancerous cells in mice… other studies have come to similar conclusions and even suggested that limonene may help cancer-killing drugs more effective. Hence the prefix of the name, it is typically found to have a citrusy flavor. 

Gerynal Acetate:

This terpene is known to be fruity and floral, mainly with hints of lavender and rose hips, and even sassafras. Gerynal Acetate is known for its antifungal, anti-tumoral, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Bisabolol is a terpene that is commonly found in chamomile and sage plants and typically has a sweet, floral scent and taste. This terpene has been known to help relieve abdominal pain associated with stomach and gastrointestinal issues. 


This terpene is very similar to Beta-Caryophyllene. Besides being prominent in hemp and cannabis it can also be found in hops, basil, cloves, black pepper, and ginseng. Humulene typically has a similar taste and aroma to high Beta-Caryophyllene strains and “humulene may help as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and an appetite-suppressant”. 


Linalool is by far my most favorite terpene found in hemp flower. It has very strong floral notes of lavender, wood and sage. This usually provides a very relaxing and sedative effect. Linalool has been shown to help with stress and pain relief, as well as being a natural antidepressant. I personally use strains with linalool to help with my anxiety and sleep disorders. The strains that have high levels of Linalool always tend to make me more relaxed than strains that contain terpenes such as Pinene. It also provides a very pleasant flavor and aroma. 

Strain Snobs Strains:


Lifter is one of our highest testing CBD strains we offer, usually testing at or around 20% CBD. This is going to be more of a hybrid feeling as the primary terpenes it contains have a vast range of effects. It contains Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Beta-Pinene. The pinene terpene is known to be uplifting and energizing, while myrcene and caryophyllene can help with relaxation. Lifter tends to give a calming, relaxing effect that may help with mild pain relief without feeling too sedative. 

The Wife:

The Wife is another hybrid strain we offer, typically testing at approximately 17% CBD. Its main terpenes are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Bisabolol. This is a favorite customer go-to for pain relief. The wife has shown customers great results when it comes to pain relief and sleep issues due to its high concentration of Beta-Caryophyllene and Bisobolol. The Wife tends to have an earthy, peppery flavor. 

Tokyo Abacus:


Tokyo Abacus is an indica dominant hemp strain that usually tests at about ~5% CBD. Its main terpenes consist of Beta-Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene, making this a more heavy sedative strain. It is known to be very calming, relaxing, pain relieving, and sedative. 

Berry Blossom:

Berry Blossom is my personal favorite strain that we offer. It is going to be more of an indica feeling, as it may help with body aches and pains, relaxation, and can even be an appetite stimulant for some people who struggle with eating or eating disorders. The main terpenes found in this strain are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Humulene. However Humulene has also shown to be a slight appetite-suppressant. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is completely unique, so when it comes to the appetite factor you might have to play a little trial and error. The flavors range from slightly fruity to musty. This strain usually tests around 13% CBD.  

Cherry Wine:

Cherry Wine is a very tasty strain to try to help with sleep, relaxation, and pain. It is a Hybrid strain that has an average testing of about ~13% CBD. Its mainly found terpenes are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene,and Gerynal Acetate, and is usually fruity, slightly spicy, and earthy. 



CBG is another one of my favorite strains we provide. This strain is slightly different from the others as it typically contains higher amounts of CBG than CBD. CBG is another naturally occurring cannabinoid that is shown to help people with gastrointestinal issues. It does provide more of an uplifting effect and is one of our most sativa based strains. For me, it helps increase my appetite and help with nausea. I’ve also found that it has helped me with my anxiety. I am a huge fan of our CBG and anyone who struggles with gut or anxiety issues, this might be the right strain for you to try. 

Delta 8: 

Delta 8 is another unique strain we carry, as it provides more than just CBD. Our Delta 8 Strain is Orange Fuel and has prominent notes of Limonene with a citrusy and fruity flavor and aroma. The hemp plant is known to have 100+ cannabinoids, other than just CBD. Delta 8 THC is one of these cannabinoids. Delta 9 THC is the main component that provides the "high" feeling you experience with marijuana. Delta 8 is like Delta 9 THC's less potent sister. This strain will provide more of a psychoactive effect than our other hemp strains. Since it is derived from the hemp plant, and not cannabis, and still tests at 0.3% Delta 9 THC, we are able to provide it to our customers over the age of 21 without having a Medical Marijuana Card. This product can be purchased on our website and this is a direct link to our Delta 8 Orange Fuel Flower


In Conclusion:

Hemp flower is a great alternative to cannabis for many different reasons. It is fun to explore all of the different strains to find which one works best for you. Also you can do more with hemp flower than just smoke it. You can also decarboxylate it and make your own edibles, oils, and tinctures.

We offer our hemp flower in pre-rolls, 1/8th's, and ounces. We also offer a deal that if you purchase 5 pre-rolls, you get one for free! Don't miss out on that opportunity. 

There's a lot to explore when it comes to hemp flower. Do you think hemp flower could help you? Let us know

Terpene Research and Resources:,and%20cancer%20treatment%2C%20and%20neuroprotection. 

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