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CBD Infused Thanksgiving Meal

Posted by Administrator on

Thanksgiving is nearly here and one of the most important aspects of the holiday is nailing the food preparation. Traditional dishes include everything from turkey and ham, to sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. If you are looking for a twist on tradition, consider infusing a few of your dishes with Active CBD Oil.

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Infused CBD Pueblo Green Chicken Chili

Posted by Ryan Mandaville on

Infused CBD Pueblo Green Chicken Chili Are you sick of making infused cookies and small portioned edibles? Me too! Finally, here is a hearty infusion recipe that should only be attempted by those who are not afraid to make a big meal. Of course, we have to add a little local flavor from Pueblo, Colorado.This lovely town south of Colorado Springs is the home of the best grown green chilis! The hot summers and long days make for perfect chili growing conditions. Here is a great and simple recipe for green chili lovers or any hearty eater! If you need to...

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