Green Garden Gold CBD oil dog treats review at

cat Administrator
Today we will be reviewing the Green Garden Gold CBD Dog Treats.You can purchase these dog treats at for $34.95.  Since we already ...
CSU Clinical Trials and What it Means for Your Pets

CSU Clinical Trials and What it Means for Your Pets Administrator

Giving pets CBD can be a stressful experience for you and your furry friend. One doctor is researching the effects of CBD and dogs to help you with it.

Dogs Get Stressed Too

Dogs Get Stressed Too

CBDJordyn Swanstrom

When it comes to my furry four legged friend, I want to make sure he’s always living his best life. Unfortunately, not every day for him and many other dogs are great due to many different reasons that make them stressed. It’s heartbreaking to stand idly by and watch them shake, start panting, and try to find the nearest form of cover to escape their harsh reality. Finally, I decided enough was enough, my poor dog needs some sort of relief from this chaos, so I started doing some research. After months of trial and error with different methods to help him cope with the seemingly never-ending nerves, I discovered CBD for dogs! Unfortunately, it is not a cure all, study suggest that it helps. Now, he lays next to me or in his bed while still occasionally becoming alarmed, but nothing nearly as bad as it used to be. 


CBD for pets

CBD for pets

cannabidiol for dogsRachelle Gordon
You’ve probably heard a lot about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis. Nearly half of the country already has some form of legalized marij...
CBD Infused Dog Treats Recipe

CBD Infused Dog Treats Recipe

Active CBD oilSara Sparks
Our pets are more than just our best friends, they are our family! You can make them homemade treat with all the things they love plus CBD.
Shine Music Festival Review

Shine Music Festival Review

#activecbdoilBelle Christner
The city of Denver is renowned for its appreciation of the arts as well as live performance, and the employees of Discover CBD are no exception. So...
CBD Infused Dog Treats

CBD Infused Dog Treats

cannabidiol for dogsMelinda Bloch
Here is another great way to utilize 99% CBD Isolate. This recipe only uses 1/8th of a gram of 99% CBD isolate per batch. But even if you don’t hav...

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