Dogs Get Stressed Too

When it comes to my furry four legged friend, I want to make sure he’s always living his best life. Unfortunately, not every day for him and many other dogs are great due to many different reasons that make them stressed. It’s heartbreaking to stand idly by and watch them shake, start panting, and try to find the nearest form of cover to escape their harsh reality. Finally, I decided enough was enough, my poor dog needs some sort of relief from this chaos, so I started doing some research. After months of trial and error with different methods to help him cope with the seemingly never-ending nerves, I discovered CBD for dogs! Unfortunately, it is not a cure all, study suggests that it helps. Now, he lays next to me or in his bed while still occasionally becoming alarmed, but nothing nearly as bad as it used to be. 



What could possibly be causing all of this distress?

Situational: Loud noises, new people, and traveling.

Behavioral: Being separated from their owner too long, and misbehaving with the fear of being reprimanded. 

There are plenty more factors that could go onto this list, but after doing some research on all of this I found those to be the most common reasons. If only our little companions could vocalize what else makes them worry so much!



How can I help reduce some of that stress?

It’s easier to find a solution to a problem when you can pinpoint exactly what caused the problem in the first place. Once you have a pretty good idea of what is stressing your dog out, start to strategize. If you know your dog gets frightened by thunderstorms, maybe give your dog some of that tincture on a treat or in their food. Planning ahead with these types of things can really benefit you and your furry friend. Also, if you find that a certain dosage just isn't working, try to experiment with the amount you're giving them so you can figure out their sweet spot. I found that my dog likes to be near me when he’s nervous. I’ll devote a good chunk of time giving him love and affection, and try to avoid doing anything loud or disruptive to escalate his fear. Some other dogs like to retreat and hide typically in the same spot; therefore some dog owners will set up a “safe haven” for their dog to relax in. 



We as humans know what it's like to be startled or even petrified of our surroundings from time to time. Taking that into consideration when it comes to our pets is crucial, because they are no different. Utilizing some of those steps I stated above can really save your dog a lot of stress and heartache.


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