CSU Clinical Trials and What it Means for Your Pets

CBD and Pets


            As I spend more time in the store I notice more and more people coming in to purchase CBD for their furry friends. While I love seeing these owners finding relief for their pets, what I love even more than that is more research going into the benefits of CBD. Leading the way in this research is Dr. Stephanie McGrath with Colorado State University. McGrath is heading up a clinical trial regarding the effects of using CBD to treat epilepsy in canines. THC has been known to be toxic to certain animals, so you definitely don’t want to be giving your doggos any THC-laden edibles.


Here is another CBD success story. A chihuahua named Elvis enjoying some relief.

The Research


            Dr. Stephanie McGrath is paving the way for reliably dosing your pets with CBD for seizures. She is working with Colorado State University and several loving pet owners on a several month-long study into how well CBD really works with dogs with epilepsy. We at DiscoverCBD love new studies about CBD because they always say the same thing- that this stuff really works. After so much anecdotal evidence being passed around in this industry it will be good for pets to have something more concrete to go on. Guessing at dosing for your pets is never fun and depending on what ailments you’re trying to treat could be downright deadly.


Dangers of Dosing Pets


            At this point in the CBD industry’s life, there is no reason to be using CBD products that do not have their lab results available for customers to inspect. There should be no exception for your furry friends either! Look for products that are THC free and also make sure the product tested negative for heavy metals and arsenic, things found naturally in the soil hemp is grown in. Many fly-by-night companies popping up with products that are barely labeled correctly makes the entire market look illegitimate. Brands such as Green Garden Gold and UrbalActiv that are up front about what’s in their products that they offer for your dogs and cats. More regulation is a welcome sight in the CBD industry and companies like DiscoverCBD.


CBD and YOUR pet


            CBD isn’t for everyone or every pet. Finding a CBD oil or CBD infused treat that works for your pet can be tough and it’s not like they can tell you exactly how it’s making them feel. Pets that are getting older with joint issues are a no brainer for trying CBD, but what about the pets with epilepsy that end up at the vet hospital because their owners attempted to ween them dogs off their epilepsy medication without talking to their vet first. Hopefully the research being done by Dr. McGrath will go a long way to legitimizing the industry and finding new things this wonder substance can help.

"Eva" another DiscoverCBD dog!

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