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CBD News — enhancing CBD

Benefits of eating Fruits and Veggies (...and CBD!)

Posted by Ryan Mandaville on

“Eat your Vegetables or you won’t get any dessert!” So many studies are being done showing the benefits of CBD with many different ailments. We have many customers depending on CBD for relief, but is there anything you can do to ensure you get healthy and stay healthy? I know you have probably heard this speech since you were little, but seriously, there is so many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and Veggies have shown to be and great source of carbohydrates which leads to aid in disease prevention. They also aid in lowering blood pressure, reducing...

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What Can Enhance the Effects of Cannabidiol?

Posted by Seth B on

Many people who have been satisfied with the outcomes of daily cannabidiol (CBD) supplementation have wondered whether it is possible to enhance one of the benefits they report, while still keeping their overall CBD product intake consistent. For example, someone may feel that CBD has helped them feel more motivated; therefore, they are happy with their daily regimen of CBD oil–infused tea, but they would like additional relief from arthritis symptoms. Currently, the main way to address this problem is to try different types of supplements. For instance, the person who wants help with their arthritis may find better results...

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