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CBD News — recipes for cbd

Maximizing your CBD's Potential!

Posted by Ryan Mandaville on

Adding Isolate to a Larger Base (Expanded) So, you have been making your own infused Isolate concoctions for a while now and you are pretty much a pro now. You have infused all the recommended oils: Coconut oil, vegetable oil and even olive oil. What’s next?!? Did you know that depending on which oil you choose to infuse can greatly change and enhance your CBD for its ultimate potential?  This is next level of Oil based isolate creation! Just starting off creating with CBD isolate? Here's another article explaining the basics of adding CBD isolate to a larger base.  I...

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No Bake CBD-Infused Tahini & Date Squares

Posted by Jonathan R. on

Be sure to try these healthy no bake squares with CBD infused olive oil Tahini. This naturally sweet nutritious snack with no sugar added should be a great treat to take along with you the next time you visit the hike and bike trail!

CBD hiking snacks

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CBD - Infused No Bake Cookies!

Posted by Administrator on

Always a favorite here in the store check out this recipe if you are interested in dosing with some gooey no bake cookies instead of a tincture or capsules! While you are at it be sure to bring us some to try!

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