Using CBD For Sleep

Even when life was normal, many of us suffered from sleep issues. Now, with all the added stress of current events, those issues have become more prevalent than ever before. If you are having trouble sleeping, you are not alone!  Almost every single day we get at least one customer looking for a product to help them sleep. There are a lot of options available from the Active CBD Oil line at Discover CBD, but a select few definitely stand out as the most popular products for nighttime use. Generally there are two categories of sleep issues that we hear about from our customers, which dictate what type of product they gravitate toward. 

People in the first category tend to have trouble getting to sleep initially, but are able to sleep through the night once they are able to drift off. These people usually benefit most from our tinctures because sublingual application is one of the faster and more efficient ways of consuming CBD. One of the most popular options is our 300mg Full Spectrum Tincture, or our 300mg Broad Spectrum tincture for those who prefer not to ingest any THC at all. Those in this category can usually take a tincture dose about twenty minutes before bed to help them fall asleep. One thing to note is that while tinctures are relatively quick to enter the bloodstream, they also leave your system after about four to six hours. This is generally a shorter time period than a full night’s sleep for most people, so those who have trouble staying asleep through the entire night often lean toward a different delivery method. 


This brings us to the second category of sleep troubles: People who struggle to stay asleep through the night, rather than just needing help with the initial act of falling asleep. For these people, a tincture may not last long enough. So, most people in this category turn to capsules or edibles. These ingestible products work on a slightly different time frame compared to tinctures. They usually take about forty-five minutes to an hour to enter the bloodstream, but then last on average between eight to ten hours depending on an individual’s metabolism. This means that dosing requires a little more planning than tinctures due to the time it takes to kick in, but the advantage is that it lasts through the whole night for most people. Our Water Soluble Gel Capsules are by far the most popular option in this category, but many people also use our CBD gummies or chocolate bars for sleep. 

If you suffer from sleep problems and want to avoid heavy prescription drugs, it may be worthwhile to give CBD a try! It is not a magical cure, but it certainly does help a lot of people with various sleep disorders. If you are new to CBD, it could take some experimentation to find your perfect dose and your preferred product, but you may end up finding a wonderful sleep aid to counteract the stress of the times we’re living in. Stop by any of our stores to speak to a customer service representative about your options, or shop online at to have your CBD shipped directly to you from our manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs!


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