CBD Water Soluble Powder: What is it?


Many of our customers have been asking me recently about our Water Soluble 200mg CBD powder. I have heard of so many great ideas and nifty things to make, I decided I just had to try it! What is water soluble powder? Here is a link to an article all about the science behind water soluble powder. This article is going to be more about different ideas and fun creations with the water-soluble powder.

Unlike the Active CBD 99% Isolate Powder, this powder will be completely dissolved in water. Not only does this process increase the bioavailability of the CBD in your body, it provides a whole new range of products to be infused! I know there are plenty of recipes online already that sound really delicious, but can you imagine a CBD Hot chocolate? Or infusing your favorite smoothie blend? I am running out of reasons of why not to infuse everything I eat!

Are you on the go a lot and just don’t have time to make your own CBD products? Well now you have more options than ever on how you choose to consume your daily CBD dose. Most customers have loved the product because it is super convenient. Though it has a bit of an “earthy” taste, it mixes with minimal effort into most hot and cold drinks. I generally put the water soluble extra strength cinnamon tincture in my coffee and tea in the mornings. I had no idea there was a more effective option!


- Coffee, hot chocolate and tea

 I started off by comparing the powder to my regular Cinnamon tincture. Though both great options, sometimes you just want something different, in this case, it was a different flavor. So, I mixed the powder into my coffee. The water-soluble powder completely dissolved, however it took a bit more stirring than I was used to. The coffee was a cheaper brand, so it already had a “bitter” coffee taste and I put in some hazelnut creamer. The taste of the powder was completely masked by the coffee.  The same results with my herbal green tea. The earthy taste actually went very well with a natural tasting tea. Some may choose to sweeten with sugar, however I was just fine with the its rich, bold taste. I also made some hot cocoa. Turned out great, especially with some whipped cream and Caramel sauce on top. However, always mix well before adding the water-soluble powder to make dissolving the powder into liquid easier.



-Smoothie and milkshake

Nothing compares to a fresh fruit smoothie. Blend all of your favorite fruits together and add the water-soluble powder. I personally like to add mini chocolate chips to mine, but that may be too much for some. Making your own homemade CBD milkshakes has never been easier either! Blend up your favorite ice cream, add some cream, (and if you are anything like me, lots of peanut butter) some water-soluble powder and you are ready to go!

•Pro tip: Make your beverages healthier by replacing cream base with a banana, Avocado or applesauce instead!



-Ice cream

Add the water-soluble powder to your favorite ice cream. No tricks, just a great treat. Better yet, make your own ice cream! Simply freezing a couple bananas and mixing it with peanut butter or chocolate (both works too 😊) is a great substitute for ice cream. You will be surprised how similar it tastes & how much healthier it is. Add in some water-soluble CBD and you have a great base for Smoothies or milkshakes as well as a tasty treat for those hot summer days.



-Pre-workout and Post work out Beverages

Looking for a great way to dose but still be pumped for the gym? Simply add our water-soluble powder to any pre-made work out beverage. Get you energy supplements as well as your health supplement!


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