Colorado mountains

Mystical mountain views, rushing rivers, and serene sunsets all contribute to the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Colorado. However, with the constant growing population of the Centennial State, our beautiful scenery could be threatened by pollution, litter, and negligence during development.

Conservation Colorado has been fighting to protect our nature for over 50 years. In particular, they have directed their efforts toward reducing air, water, and land pollution to keep Colorado a beautiful and livable place to live for generations to come.

According to Conservation Colorado “the transportation sector is now the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions nationally, surpassing the energy sector. In order to fight climate change, we must change the way we move.”

Cutting back emissions may be key to reducing air pollution. In order to combat this issue, Conservative Colorado is working to improve electric vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle infrastructure. Additionally, they are focusing on improving traffic lane management in hopes of reducing traffic congestion. All of these efforts have the potential to reduce emissions significantly, ensuring that our air remains breathable.  

When it comes to water pollution, Conservation Colorado is working towards creating an annual fund for clean rivers that will help with river assessments and restoration. They also played a fundamental role in passing a bill to mandate lead testing for many Colorado schools. Essentially, they have been active participants in efforts to protect the health of future generations. As we all know, clean water is imperative for growth and development.

In hopes of building support for land conservation, Conservation Colorado is reaching out to and engaging with various communities. For example, they helped establish Colorado Public Lands Day, which inspired awareness and reached an estimated 2,000 people. As part of the festivities, they helped clean up trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. Their efforts and contributions don’t end there. They also do plenty of work behind the scenes. This includes efforts to keep Colorado lands protected by the federal government, causing Coloradans to save money, as Colorado taxpayers wouldn’t be solely fiscally responsible when cleaning abandoned mines and wildfires. 

Colorado’s population could soon increase to 6 million people by the end of 2019. With more people comes higher environmental risk; in knowing this we decided to donate to Conservation Colorado. Last year we donated $5,000, and plan to donate more in the future to ensure our lands remain beautiful and livable.

In conclusion, it seems evident that we need some kind of safeguard for our environment, and that in doing so it brings a lot in return. While it may seem like a lot of work in the short term, the long term benefits will be worth the effort. It should be our legacy for future generations, to be environmentally conscientious and responsible for the health of the beautiful sanctuary of Colorado.


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