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Why We Work With Conservation Colorado

Posted by Star Barnes on

With all of the environmental hazards and pollution that threatens the health of our land and our lives, how can we keep the vibrancy of Colorado alive? Thankfully, Conservation Colorado actively proposes solutions to these challenges to maintain our sanctuary. This is among several reasons why Discover CBD donates to and cooperates with this amazing non-profit organization.

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Spring Into This Trail Review: St. Mary's Glacier

Posted by Michael Inglehearn on

A little review about one of my favorite places to hike not far from Denver, and about 12 miles east of Idaho Springs. If you're an avid hiker and haven't been I highly recommend this hike to anyone.

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Brandon's CBD-infused Honey-Lavender Ice Cream Recipe!

Posted by Brandon Yearout on

With the weather warming up, and the days getting longer, I'm thinking more and more about one of my favorite summer traditions with my family: making fresh home-made ice cream. My favorite reason for taking the time to make quality, home-made ice cream, is that I get to focus on fun and unique flavors. This spring I really decided to go for something special, and I want to share with you my recipe for a homemade CBD infused Honey-Lavender Ice Cream!

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CBD and... Herbal Teas? That's right!

Posted by Don Ayala on

CBD and herbal teas have been used for thousands of years (not CBD specifically, but cannabis). Let's take a look at why people are using CBD in addition to different kinds of teas. Did you know that natural teas contain terpenes (what give plants their smell and taste), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even polyphenols? These are what makes tea so important. Now add CBD to the mix!

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Franchise Director Biography - Corey Hartley

Posted by Corey Hartley on

My name is Corey Hartley. I am the Franchise Director at Discover Health Franchising, where I lead all aspects involved in the franchising of Discover CBD retail stores. Also functioning as Field Consultant, I directly assist franchisees and store managers to help develop and implement our hemp-based CBD store concepts at their own locations. Overall, my goal is to help each of my individual franchisees succeed to the best of their ability, thereby spreading the knowledge of CBD and helping promote accessibility to the benefits of cannabis.

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