As we welcome another Colorado winter it’s important to be prepared for the extremes we can experience here. One example is the snowstorm we had in October this year, we saw a temperature change of seventy degrees over a two-day period. October ninth we nearly broke a record coming in at a high of eighty-three degrees and followed the next night with a record-breaking low of thirteen degrees. 

One of the best ways to handle these temperature fluctuations is by dressing in layers. Having the ability to shed heavier layers as the day warms or put on layers as it gets colder can make for a more comfortable experience. This is even more important as the sun sets and temperatures drop. When choosing fabrics, be wary that cotton may not be a good choice for your first layer as it will hold moisture and may accelerate the loss of body heat so choosing a good synthetic fabric like a polyester blend will likely work much better. A couple of thin base layers works well to keep you warm when they are snug but comfortable. The outer layers should be waterproof and wind-blocking to help protect against the elements. Find a good pair of winter boots, winter socks, a good quality pair of mittens, a hat, and a scarf these should all help you retain your body heat and prevent frostbite.

As the days get shorter and we see less sunshine many neglect to apply sunscreen, however due to the thinner atmosphere at higher altitudes sunscreen should be worn year-round here in Colorado. Sunscreen not only could prevent sunburn but could also help prevent skin cancer and early aging from sun exposure so make sure to keep that in your daily routine. 

Hydration is another factor that many forget about in the cooler months but is still highly important. We are a semi-arid climate here in Colorado and the winters can play havoc with our skin, staying hydrated is important not only for our skin but helps our whole body to function properly so make sure to keep up your water intake. Daily application of a high-quality skin moisturizer may help relieve itchy dry skin. I love the 1100mg CBD lotion here at Discover CBD because it makes my skin feel so much better. Also, the citrus lavender scented lotion is quite enjoyable, I find the scent to be relaxing and it helps me unwind after a busy day. This lotion is also available in menthol. Stop by any of our locations every Thursday and pick up a free sample of one of these lotions or a sample of the many other products we make.

No matter how prepared we are if our vehicle is not we may have some terrible experiences on the road. Good tires can make all the difference on snowy days. Look for good all-weather tires and check them periodically for tread wear to assure they will perform as they should. Make sure to have your battery, brakes, antifreeze and heating system checked and repaired or replaced if needed. Windshield wash is a must and should be checked every time you fuel your vehicle (I keep an extra gallon in my car just to be on the safe side) and check your wiper blades for wear and replace as needed. A four-wheel drive can be a big help getting you around safely but remember four-wheel drive does not mean four-wheel stop, so make sure to leave plenty of distance between you and other vehicles to allow for slipping and sliding. You may be an expert driver in adverse conditions but not everyone will share your confidence so be courteous of your fellow drivers while on the road, and always allow for the extra time it will take to get to where you’re going. It is wise to have a safety kit in your car, and especially if headed up to the high country being prepared for the worst-case scenario can make a difficult time more bearable. The following list can help have you prepared:

  • Extra warm clothing (hats, socks, coats, mittens, etc.)
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks (Protein bars are a nice option)
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • A battery or crank-operated radio
  • Non-clumping kitty litter or sand ( Helps with traction if you get stuck)
  • A shovel (a compact folding one works well)
  • A book, playing cards, coloring supplies or, battery-operated games
  • Blankets
  • First aid kit
  • Tire chains and flares (if heading up to the high country)

Hopefully you will never need most of these items but if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road awaiting help you will be glad to have them. If you should get stuck make sure the snow is cleared away from your car’s exhaust pipe to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Help may take a long time to reach you so try to keep your fuel tank full and only run your engine 10-15 minutes every hour to conserve this resource. Keep your cell phone charged and use it sparingly in an emergency so you can guide people to your location if necessary. 

Always check the weather for the area your traveling to and points in between, also you may want to break it down hour by hour in case a storm is moving in. Tell someone where you are going and the route you plan to take, this way if you run into trouble rescue will know where to start looking. We all feel extra pressure this time of year and many experience heightened emotions as the holidays approach and we never know what others may be dealing with so remember to be kind and forgiving. A smile and patience can go a long way in making this winter one of the best!

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