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Product Review: Active CBD oil 2500mg CBD/MCT Tincture

Posted by Susan Hatfield on

For our latest Active CBD oil product review, I was given the opportunity to take our 2500mg CBD/MCT tincture out for a spin. This tincture has 2500mg of CBD in a 2oz bottle, making it the most concentrated of the Active tinctures. If you haven't heard of MCT oil before, you might be wondering where that comes into play with the tincture. MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride, and generally speaking, MCT oil is an ultra-refined coconut oil. This oil is a popular choice for athletes, who report that it helps to energize them or improves their performance. With so many athletes taking CBD already, using MCT oil as the medium of CBD delivery was a natural choice. MCT oil also has the advantage of being mostly flavorless, with some consumers reporting a faint coconut taste.

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Already well-familiar with the line of Active CBD oil water  soluble  tinctures, I was interested and curious to find out if the 2500mg tincture would affect me any differently. Like many of our customers, I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. CBD has been the genuine relief that I never knew I needed as much as I did. Since starting it, my anxiety has become manageable on the worst days, and almost non-existent on the best, which is a wonderful place to be that I never really expected to find myself.
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When I initially started taking the water soluble tinctures, I began with the 300mg water soluble cinnamon tincture, which offers 10mg of CBD per full 1ml dropper. Through experimentation, I was able to determine what worked best for me with this tincture, and I was soon up to 2 full 1ml droppers per day, for a daily total of 20mg of CBD. Incidentally, this just happens to be the amount of CBD found in a half dropper of the 2500mg tincture.
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Immediately when inspecting the tincture liquid, you will notice that the liquid of the MCT tinctures is more clear. The broad spectrum CBD oil used in our water soluble tinctures lends them a somewhat more milky color as well as earthy taste. As promised by the liquid's clarity, I did find the 2500mg MCT tincture to be mostly flavorless. But what about performance? For some of our customers, the water soluble, broad spectrum formula seemed to perform better than the much higher doses offered by the MCT tinctures, likely due to a combination of the entourage effect and increased bioavailability. I wondered why that is, and whether I would be able to notice this difference in myself.
After a week of taking a half dropper of the 2500mg tincture consistently, I was still experiencing the same anxiety-calming effects of the CBD, but I wasn't noticing much difference between 20mg from water soluble, broad spectrum sources, and 20mg sourced from CBD isolate. It could be that for some people with anxiety, CBD itself can provide benefits, with or without the addition of other cannabinoids. Other people with anxiety may report better benefits from full or broad spectrum products, as with any other condition, since people are different and CBD will affect everybody differently.
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At the end of the day, if you find both tinctures work for you, it is up to you how to decide between them. Some may choose the MCT tinctures for being mostly flavorless, having fewer ingredients, or simply having more CBD available in a convenient package. Others may choose the water soluble tinctures to experience the benefits of the entourage effect, water soluble CBD, or because they enjoy the flavors available.
Curious to try the 2500mg tincture? Visit us at one of our brick and mortar locations, or order from our online store! Comments or questions? Reach out to us via phone at 719-358-7553 or email us at !

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