4 Methods For Consuming CBD

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD, takes many forms these days. Not only does this give options for people from all walks of life to find but also helps in finding what works best for their individual needs. Some people may want concentrated doses while others may want lighter amounts and convenient intake. Many people have found profound benefits to consuming CBD oil as it has very high concentration levels of CBD, which can alleviate anxietypain, and have multitudes of studies linking them to aiding in a slew of other conditions. It has also demonstrated health benefits as a nutritional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory supplement, and for skin care. As such a versatile supplement, it is important to outline the ins and outs of different intake methods. Here are four of the most common. 


Those wanting the highest intensity possible with their CBD oil can opt to smoke it out of an oil rig. These devices are similar to traditional water pipes, but use a heated element such as a quartz or titanium nail to heat the CBD oil to a critical temperature. The oil will vaporize and channel the vapors through the water as filtration for cooling. The user will then inhale. If you have smoked cannabis and are worried that smoking CBD oil will be too intense, most find that the smoke is not as thick and has less of a body. Although vaping or smoking delivers the CBD very quickly to body, past results have have shown that it will leave the body’s system just as fast, so maybe not for someone looking for a consistent regiment of CBD. If that is still too intense and cough-inducing, you can opt for using a personal vaporizer pen. These are portable, discreet, and you can inhale as much or as little as you like when you pull from the pen.


You will commonly see CBD oil being carried as a tincture. Not only is this portable and convenient, but it gives the user many options for intake. For the highest concentration that will hit you the quickest, simply apply a dropper of the CBD under your tongue, hold for about 30 seconds, and swallow. This allows for maximum absorption.  If you are working with a CBD oil pen and want to make your own tincture, you simply need high CBD hash oil, vegetable glycerin or a high-alcohol spirit, and eye dropper bottles. If you want to try premade CBD tincture by a reputable company, we encourage you to explore our website for all different strengths and flavors of CBD tinctures. We have seen most customers choose the tinctures over other applications, mainly due to its bioavailability.


If you don’t like the taste of tincture, and prefer not to smoke, consuming CBD oil through edibles could be a better route for you. When you consume CBD oil raw, it is not activated, and therefore, may not produce effects as strong as smoking or absorption through tincture. It is advised to make sure you review your cannabinoids before experimenting with edibles. If you are looking to alleviate symptoms with CBDa, you can consume CBD oil in its raw form. However, if you need CBD, then it needs to be decarboxylated and baked into something. A simple method for a cooking medium is using 1g CBD oil, 1/3 cup coconut oil and 2 cups water and you now have CBD-infused coconut oil. It is important to note that edibles can have the longest lasting effect, particularly if they are also infused with cannabis. Make sure to moderate your intake and remember that you can always eat more, but not less. An important note to make is that anything that is eaten, it may take longer to kick in, but should have a longer lasting effect.


For those who are looking to alleviate sore muscles and stiff joints, CBD oil can be used topically. Discover CBD carries a variety of topicals and if you are looking to go the DIY route, you can add 1g of CBD oil to 1 cup of coconut water and simmer the solution on the stove for 30 minutes. Skin may absorb up to 90% of what it comes in contact with so you will feel the results quickly. You can also carry CBD topicals in your purse, gym bag, and other convenient places to use discreetly and as needed. However, topicals are usually made to be applied on top of the skin which means that the CBD will not enter the bloodstream and might not get to the root of the issue.

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