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Green Garden Gold Green Apple CBD oil tincture and E-Juice vape oil review at

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This week we are doing a review on the Green Garden Gold Green Apple CBD-Oil ($24.99 at , both as a tincture and as a vape oil. We are particularly excited for this review because of its 2-in-1 application abilities. We will be using the 650 mah Hemp Hookahzz  EVOD vape pen for the E-juice, vape oil portion.  This vape pen works great with Green Garden Gold CBD oil and we reviewed it last week. This vape pen can be found at for $15.99.

Packaging 8/10

The first thing we noticed about the packaging on this bottle of Green Garden Gold Green Apple CBD-Oil is that the lid is child proof, which also makes it leak resistant as it cant easily open on its own. The label has nice bold lettering on it and is clear on what the product is and how much CBD (100mg) it contains.

One thing that we did notice, a little late, is that the “Shake well before use” is very tiny. When testing this product out we did not shake before putting it into the Hemp Hookahzz Evod vape pen, and the outcome was next to no vapor with only a bad taste in your mouth. We would like to see the “shake well before use” be a bit bigger, as to draw the user’s attention to it more.  The only other issue we had with the labeling is the dropper tip is a bit big and hard to squeeze into some of the cartridges but work well once you get the hang of it.  The dropper can get a little messy for those new to injecting the E-Juice into their pen but it has a fast learning curve.

With all that said the packaging has been thought out fairly well and it’s functional.  We are impressed with Green Garden Gold and their ability to meet the demand in packaging for both a tincture and as a vape oil, so the packaging scored a very solid 8 out of 10.


Taste and Overall Vaping Experience 10/10

If you love the green apple jolly ranchers then this is the vape oil for you! When vaping the Green Garden Gold Green Apple CBD-Oil , it tastes just like green apple with a slight hookah taste on the exhale but nothing that takes away from the overall taste.  The vapor clouds were big, white and odorless, as usual.  When using this as a tincture the taste is very strong but not overwhelming.  The taste is almost as if you had a handful of green apple jolly ranchers stuffed into your mouth.  We give the taste and vaping experience a 10/10 for it’s pure green apple goodness! Am I making your mouth water yet? 

Note: We did not shake the bottle before putting the oil into the cartridge for the EVOD vape pen. Do not make the same mistake as we did! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING! The CBD-oil/flavoring separates from the vegetable glycerin after sitting on the shelf for a while so when you suck the oil out of the bottom, you get a dropper full of CBD-oil and flavoring. Unfortunately this will not vape well and leave a less than pleasurable taste in your mouth so don’t forget to shake before each use for the maximum vaping experience!


Effect 10/10

Our testers were in love with this product! Just the fact that you could vape and use as a tincture, had them all lining up at the door.  One of the testers has frequent head aches and she used the tincture looking for relief. She held the dose under her tongue for 30 or more seconds before swallowing the rest of the dose. After a couple minutes she noticed that most of her headache symptoms were lessening or completely gone. Another tester has major anxiety and was looking to CBD to relieve his stress associated with anxiety. This tester would take two dropper doses a day to avoid having anxiety throughout the day.  Following this regimen for a few days he began to notice his days were less anxiety filled then previously. If he found himself in an anxious situation he used the Garden Green Gold Green Apple CBD-Oil to vape with. Both of these testers were very happy with this product and the effect it left them with, giving it two thumbs up. So with that said we give this product a perfect ten out of ten!

Overall 9.3/10

We have come to the conclusion that Green Garden Gold Green Apple CBD-Oil is delicious and perfect for its 2-in-1 capabilities, landing it with an overall rating of nine or of ten.  If your looking for a tasty vape oil that can double as a tincture then jump on the Green Garden Gold bandwagon, while we only tested the green apple flavor Green Garden Gold does have other flavors as well and we will be reviewing those in the future.  The other flavors include, Banana cream pie, Strawberry, Blueberry and of course Unflavored.

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Next week we will be reviewing Pharma brand CBD oil “Gold” so check back, were super excited about this one!


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