How To Use CBD Creams and Topicals

What are CBD Topicals and Creams?

Do you have dry skin? Achy muscles or joints? Or just looking for a relaxing bath after a long day? Have you ever tried CBD topicals to use for on the spot treatment? We offer multiple options for CBD topical applications in the form of lotions, salves, roll-ons, lip balms, transdermal patches, and even bath bombs and bath soaks. Many customers report using Discover CBD’s various topical lines for on the spot pain, muscle aches, joint pain, dry skin, and even psoriasis and eczema. 

We have many different topical products available that may provide you everyday relief. Let’s dive into the different products we offer here at Discover CBD.

CBD Cream, CBD Balm, and more

The smallest topicals that we offer are going to be our CBD Lip Balms and CBD Peppermint Roll-ons, and even our smallest bottle of our salve, which we will talk more in depth about later. Having compact versions of CBD that are easy to throw into your purse or pocket are great for when you’re on-the-go. 

CBD Lip Balms

Our CBD lip balms are wonderful for chapped or dry lips, especially for those of us living in higher elevations like Colorado, or where it is drier than other environments. We actually have a lot of customers that use our Lip Balms to help with bad interactions with bug bites, like mosquito bites for example. This is because CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help with redness and swelling that can come from small bug bites (however, you should also be sure to keep the bites clean and use an antibacterial ointment to make sure it does not get infected).

CBD Peppermint Roll-On

Our Peppermint Oil Based CBD Roll-Ons have been shown to be very effective in providing relief from headaches and migraines. Many customers will use the roll-on’s on the temples of their forehead for fast acting relief. Some people also find using the roll-on on the back of their wrists can help cause a calming effect, as this is a very venous part of our skin and CBD absorbs much faster in these areas. Having the slight scent of peppermint can help provide a calming effect as well, as peppermint is known for its calming and relaxing qualities when it comes to stress and anxiety. 


CBD Salves

Our line of Active Oil CBD Salves is by far my favorite line of products we sell here at Discover CBD. We offer our salves, or CBD creams, in three different varieties to serve each customer's unique needs. The smallest salve we sell is our 550mg jar, which is made with arnica and rosemary oil as well as shea butter. The shea butter can provide a smoother application than the other salves we offer. This salve is a Broad Spectrum CBD cream and does not contain any THC, however it does contain all of the other naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Another Broad Spectrum Salve we offer is our 1100mg Salve, which is similar to the 550mg salve, however it does not contain shea butter, so it is a little more waxy in texture. 

Our final salve we offer is hands down my favorite CBD cream product we sell. It also contains arnica and rosemary oil. This salve is 3000mg total and is Full Spectrum, meaning it contains trace amounts of THC (less that 0.3%), but this creates what we call the Entourage Effect. I personally am an artist and I need my hands to work properly all day, and when it gets cold or rainy outside, especially here in Colorado, my hands tend to stiffen up and get shaky. I find If I apply the Full Spectrum Salve and massage it in for a good 10 minutes, I tend to have full range of motion again after 5 minutes of application or so. Many customers find this helps with neuropathy, on the spot pain, joint pain, and even sciatica. The most important thing to remember with salves is that a little goes a very long way, and you really want to massage it into the skin. 

CBD Lotions


We recently reformulated our lotions and the new lotions come in two new different varieties! We have the 2000mg Unscented Full Spectrum and the 2000mg Unscented CBD Isolate lotions now available for purchase. Previous to our older version of our CBD lotions, these new formulations absorb much better and more effectively, and you do not have to worry about any scents that may cause allergic reactions or sensitivities. As of the new release, we’ve had nothing but great feedback, and this could potentially be a great product for you to try when it comes to dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, or just overall skin health. We have very dry weather in Colorado, as well as many other states, and our lotions may help keep your skin hydrated and healthy! 

CBD Patches

Our Patches are one of our more unique topical products we offer, as many people do not think of a transdermal patch as a way to consume CBD. However, it can be very effective for some of our customers. The most effective way to use our CBD patches is to apply them on the most venous parts of our skin; back of the wrists, top or bottom of the feet, back of the knees, back of the neck, etc. Or even directly on the spot where you are having pain or aches. The other great thing about our patches is that you can cut them up into smaller doses. Each patch square is 60mg of CBD, but you could easily put the patch into halves or quarters to make it last longer. There are 2 patches in each pouch.

CBD Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks

Discover CBD's Active Oil Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks are some of the most relaxing products we offer. Had a rough day at work? Achy muscles after a tough work out? Or just need to pamper yourself? Our CBD Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks could be the right option for you. Start up a warm bath, light some candles, put on your favorite tunes or show, turn down the lights and enjoy the soothing benefits of a CBD Bath. 

We offer our Bath Bombs in 3 different scents: Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon Eucalyptus. I personally like to use the Lavender Bath Bomb right before bed, as the lavender terpenes and CBD can provide a very restful night’s sleep. A lot of customers find the Peppermint bath bomb helps post-workout or with achy muscles, and that the Lemon Eucalyptus can be more uplifting as a morning routine, or afternoon pick-me-up. 

Another option we have for a relaxing bath treatment is our Bath Salt Soaks. These are different from our Bath Bombs, as they do not have to be a one time use. You can use as little or as much as you want at once. I personally like to add some of my own epsom salts (Dr. Teals has a great line of scents for bath salts and bubbles, you can find these at your local grocery store), and my own concoction of essential oils. However, using Active Oil CBD Bath Salts on their own should still find helpful effects for your aches and pains, or even anxiety and stress. Our Bath Salts contain 50mg CBD per container and are THC-Free and Water Soluble. The Bath Salts contain rosemary and calendula, a curated blend of essential oils, Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt and 50mg of CBD.

Where Can I Find CBD Near Me?

Luckily as the CBD industry progresses, it is becoming easier to find CBD. If you are located in Colorado, we have two locations in Colorado Springs and one location in Denver. The other great thing is you can order our products online and have them shipped to you legally if you live out of state. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, it is legal to ship CBD to all 50 states. 

In Conclusion

Topicals are usually more effective for on-the-spot pain, whereas tinctures, capsules, or edibles tend to have an overall effect. When it comes to CBD it is all about trial and error to figure out what may work best for you. If you are experiencing on the spot pain, skin issues, or just overall epidermis health, our Active Oil CBD Topicals may be right for you!



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