Are CBD Capsules Expensive?


When it comes to the effectiveness of CBD products, CBD capsules are a great, concise way to take CBD. With its effectiveness comes the question of how expensive are CBD capsules? Since they work so well, and some are made with better formulations than others, are they more costly than a regular CBD tincture or a CBD gummy? The answer might be more complicated than that. 

CBD On The Market

CBD capsules have become a category of CBD product that has gained popularity among people who use CBD. When shopping for a CBD product, a person might stumble onto a category of product known as ingestible CBD. This product category refers to the type of CBD that can be eaten and ingested. These types of products can be classified as gummies, edibles, and capsules. They are meant for oral consumption and to be slowly absorbed in the body. 


CBD products that are meant to be ingested are known to take longer before feeling the potential effects of CBD, but once they are absorbed in the body, they have shown to have an increased effectiveness in terms of duration. CBD  capsules refer to small, usually gel encapsulated CBD that is another great way to get a concise dose of CBD. CBD capsules, when studied, have shown to take longer to feel effects when compared to sublingual methods such as tinctures, but they seem to have a longer release time in the body. We carry our own broad spectrum capsules that utilize water soluble formulation for maximum absorption! We also have an oil based full spectrum capsule option that is a higher dose at 30 mg each available in a 30 count bottle.  


Edibles And Gummies

Edible CBD refers to products that are infused with CBD, whether it be isolated, broad spectrum, or full spectrum CBD concentrate. These products could be chocolates, gummies, and even regular food. Products like CBD gummies and chocolates are a great, tasty way to get an accurate dose of CBD. Here’s a great blog from us at Discover CBD about making a meal that’s CBD infused! 





CBD Capsule vs. CBD Tincture 

Studies have been conducted following the topic of whether or not CBD capsules are more effective than taking a CBD tincture sublingually. The studies concluded that CBD tinctures have a much faster absorption time, but the amount of time feeling desired effects is substantially less than a regular sublingual tincture. The Capsules could take up to two hours to work, however, when compared to the tinctures time of release, the capsules are substantially better. 

Year after year new studies are done to test the effectiveness of CBD on various ailments and neurological disorders. With the legalization of hemp derived products in the Farm Bill of 2018, the proliferation of CBD products has brought in new ways for CBD companies to market new absorption formulations. With the categories of tinctures and edibles growing every year, products using water soluble formulas have taken the lead in the race to a products absorption rate.

Cost Efficiency 

The cost efficiency of CBD capsules can be a debatable topic. When talking about CBD capsules it’s important to mention what formula is being utilized in the products manufacturing. For instance, an oil based CBD capsule won’t give the same absorption rate through the body when ingested compared to a water based formula. A study done by people affiliated with Colorado State University found that CBD products utilizing the water soluble formula have a higher chance of showing desired potential therapeutic effects of CBD.

One of the best factors of CBD capsules when talking about effectiveness ratio is the method of consumption itself. The process in which CBD is ingested leads to a longer duration of effects. CBD when taken sublingually for instance is reported to have a time window of three to six hours duration. CBD capsules on the other hand show a longer duration of six to ten hours at the cost of the onset effect taking longer to occur. 

Water Soluble Formulation 

Throughout this blog you’ve probably noticed the words water soluble formulation referenced frequently. This is because it really does make that much of a difference in the quality and effectiveness of a CBD product. So what is water soluble formulation? When manufacturing a water soluble CBD product, a process known as nanoencapsulation occurs. This process takes the CBD molecules and breaks them down into smaller, more dispersible particles. The result of this is a more effective dispersion of CBD in water. The CBD reaches a point where it’s quicker at absorption and more effective. 

Water Soluble CBD products can be found all through the market, however, what makes our CBD capsules unique from the rest is in the water soluble formulation process itself. What occurs usually when a CBD product is made with water soluble formulation is lecithin and synthetic polymers are utilized. Allergies can occur when using lecithin due to it being derived from soy or egg yolks. Synthetic polymers, while inherently effective, are not biodegradable, meaning that improper disposal can lead to negative environmental effects. 

Water Solubility With CBD Products

Since water soluble formulas have been introduced, they’ve changed the landscape of how CBD products are made and manufactured. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find a plethora of water soluble CBD products on the market. With the introduction of water solubility into the equation, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming the normal for CBD product manufacturing. 

In Bath Products 

With the advantages of water solubility in the CBD market, it’s no wonder that you’d find even topicals and bath products that utilize a CBD formula. Here at Discover CBD we carry water soluble bath salts and water soluble CBD bath bombs. Our bath salts are a great way to help relax and are infused with rose and calendula petals. They also are made with himalayan pink salt and essential oils. Our bath bombs are made with essential oils as well and come in a lavender scent. lemon eucalyptus and peppermint. 






In Tincture Products

If you are also looking for a great water soluble tincture we have a variety of those as well! When it comes to making water soluble products, we try to give a variety to those looking for more extract from the hemp plant. For those looking for a THC free option, we carry a 300mg or 900mg strength broad spectrum water soluble tincture that comes in natural, cinnamon, berry, and vanilla! We also have a 300mg and 900mg full spectrum water soluble tincture that’s unflavored for those looking to get the benefits of the full hemp extract. Including the trace amount of THC.


When factoring in cost and effectiveness of CBD capsules, the data points to them being an incredibly cost effective way to take CBD, especially when factoring in whether or not they are made with a water soluble formula. If you want to get the most out of your CBD capsules, water soluble is the way to go! 

Whether you are looking for an easy, convenient way to take CBD or just want to see what it does for you, CBD capsules are a great way to see what the potential benefits of CBD can do for you. If you have any further questions about CBD, capsules, or any of our products you can reach out to us at 719-666-7219, visit our website at, or visit one of our retail locations! 

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