CBD and Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Cramps): Can CBD offer relief?

Every month, women of reproductive age go through a cycle of preparing the body for seed. Whether that seed is planted or not, the uterus contracts and sheds it's lining causing discomfort and pain. This discomfort is often felt through a process called Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea literally means painful menstruation or period cramps. Through this process, hormone-like glands called Prostaglandins are released from the body causing uterine cramping and and increased sensitivity to pain. Women often remedy this discomfort with the use of (NSAID), Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophens.  

However, many women are seeking alternative forms of pain management that are more natural and holistic in nature, opting to leave behind pharmaceutical options. CBD may be an effective remedy. Many of our customers share they are experiencing relief using our products, particularly pain causing reproductive issues such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and Adenomyosis.  Research and studies for general pain relief have shown that CBD may be effective. Although minimal studies have been done for CBD and its effects on Dysmenorrhea specifically, general research for CBD has shown that its characteristics for pain relief and anti-inflammation could be used as a remedy for menstrual discomforts. 

CBD may not only help with pain and discomfort of the uterus, it may also offer relief for PMS symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, bloating, anxiety, and depression.


Discover CBD offers a plethora of options that can help mitigate these monthly ailments that women tend to face on a monthly basis. 

Our Active CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture offers the potential healing properties of the cannabis plant without the psycho-active effects of products that contain higher amounts of THC. Full spectrum means that it will contain CBD, along with other trace cannabinoids (including Delta 9 THC with 0.3% or less), terpenes, and flavonoids which may promote an entourage effect where all the components may have more synergistic effects working together as a team. This may help to create an experience that may cause a calmness of mind, body, and soul. A comforting feeling during that time of the month. This tincture can be taken sublingually, by holding the drops under the tongue for a minute or two and then swallowed. This method tends to absorb quickly for a moderate duration. They are also water soluble so they can easily be mixed in with food or drink for a longer potential duration. 

For a more aromatic and therapeutic healing experience, our Active CBD Oil Salve could be a great option. This salve contains Arnica and Rosemary which may have their own potential anti-inflammatory properties along with CBD. Applied topically to the skin, this salve may offer instant relief for abdominal pain, sore muscles, and cramps. Excellent for aromatherapy massages and self-care rituals.

Want more sustaining and longer lasting potential relief? Try our Active CBD Oil Transdermal Patches. Each Patch contains 60 mg of CBD and 4% lidocaine. Unlike other topical products like our salves or lotions, these patches are designed to absorb into the bloodstream and effects may last up to 48 hours. Here is another blog with more information about how to use transdermal patches!


Overall, CBD could be a solid and beneficial alternative to over the counter pharmaceutical pain relievers. CBD may offer a more natural approach to relieving Dysmenorrhea and PMS symptoms, making that time of the month a little less of a nuisance and burden. 

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