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CBD Franchise Options - Coming Soon!

Posted by Don Ayala on

Discover CBD is the largest chain of CBD only stores in Colorado - but we are not stopping there! You can stake your own claim in the booming and ever expanding hemp CBD industry. CBD Franchise opportunities will be available starting in October 2018! Discover CBD and Active CBD oil brand products are already known as some of the best reviewed CBD products on the market with unique formulations such as 100% THC free products, water soluble products and full spectrum products. Soon, you will be able to bring these amazing products to your community with our Discover CBD Franchise options. Check us out at!

How do you get involved in starting your own CBD franchise? 

Follow this link to fill out our form to be notified as soon as our CBD Franchise program goes live! We currently have 4 locations in Colorado and hope to have many more throughout the nation. The first 20 franchise owners will get exclusive rates, territories, discounts and more! Don't wait to get involved in this exciting opportunity to get involved in starting your own CBD store. 

Why should you choose Active CBD oil and Discover CBD for your CBD franchise? We offer a magnitude of amenities for our products. For example, we are one of few who lab tests every single batch of products we produce and label all of our products according to their lab results! We also carry water-soluble and oil based tinctures for those who want an oil based CBD product and for those who want to mix their CBD into anything they drink. We provide full spectrum and CBD Isolate products for every need, including both in products intended for various routes of administration. If you are still feel wary about trying our products, take a look at what one of our employees wrote in this article regarding why you should choose Active Brand CBD oil! 

Already have a store? Explore our wholesale and distributor options! 


Send us Your FEIN#, Sales Tax ID, store name, address and phone number to and we can start getting you wholesale pricing as soon as we possibly can. We already have our products in various states and territories, let's make you the first Discover CBD in your state! 

Get involved and contact us today:

(719) 358-7553

Want more information on our wholesale program? 

Hunter's contact information:

(719) 355-9735

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