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Legal Source of Hemp and CBD

Posted by Dea Hong on

When CBD is derived from hemp, it is listed as a federally agricultural hemp, which is federally legal due to the Agricultural Act of 2014, better known as the Farm Bill of 2014. After this law was put into effect, it allowed a whole new market for revenue in the industrial use of hemp. For states that legalized the production of industrial hemp, American farmers were now allowed to cultivate hemp on U.S. land. Not only did this open a flood gate of companies in providing their own line of CBD products, it also made labeling hard for CBD products that are not approved by the FDA to keep and follow strict government guidelines. 

As Cannabidiol or CBD, is rapidly becoming a new trend in the cannabis industry, government policies on CBD have become obscured. This has also caused confusion and more complications due to that [iv]"demand is relatively new and has been developing in a grey area of law, "according to an article published by "Strictly speaking, the Controlled Substance Act  does not make growing hemp illegal, but rather, it places strict controls on its production," says Robert Hoban, an attorney who works for the regulatory compliance for marijuana and hemp.   

It is however important to note that even with these new regulations in place, there are companies that are taking the crucial steps in providing legal hemp CBD while still maintaining sanitary guidelines for the consumers. So not to worry! Companies like Active CBD who have been providing CBD oil since 2015, are also heavily committed in backing their products with not only periodical batch testing, but also posting all the results and updating them online for anyone to see. The CBD is sourced from hemp which is all grown locally here in Colorado Springs and manufactured in a facility on South Academy Blvd. 

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