CBD Topicals for Mosquito Bites?
Itchy, inflamed, and irritating. These are the first words that pop into my head when I get a bug bite. We have all heard of at home remedies, such as rubbing aloe vera, honey, oatmeal, and even banana peels on bites, but what is something that is less commonly spoken about? The answer, CBD topicals of course! 
Bug bites, such as mosquito bites, most commonly cause mild symptoms such as redness, itching, stinging, or swelling. When a mosquito bites your flesh, your body recognizes its saliva as a foreign substance, which then causes your immune system to attempt to flush it out by releasing histamine (involved in the inflammatory response). This causes the skin to become itchy and sometimes even sore. CBD has shown through research to have potential anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects! Also, bug sprays can have harsh chemicals in them, while many CBD products are all natural and contain very few ingredients. Not only does Active CBD Oil Salve contain beeswax, olive oil, arnica and calendula extracts, but it also contains rosemary which has shown potential in being a natural mosquito repellent. Therefor, making it the ideal accessory for hiking, days at the lake, or any outdoor activities! 
I personally discovered this relief after a weekend of camping in the mountains here in colorful Colorado. My legs were covered in mosquito bites and I was going crazy from all of the annoying itching! I applied our Active CBD Oil Salve to the effected areas and within 15 minutes the irritation had diminished and the swelling of the bites had noticeably subsided. The itchiness did not come back until the next day so I was able to sleep through the night comfortably. The next morning I reapplied and by the end of the day the bites were nearly undetectable! 
In conclusion, CBD has been a life saver for me when it comes to obnoxious mosquito bites and any inflammation of the skin that I have experienced. Cannabidiol's anti-inflammatory properties can aid in reducing the size of bites, while it's anti-bacterial effects can help keep them clean and allow them to heal properly. My absolute favorite Active CBD Oil Salve even comes in two different strengths and sizes and has been used for numerous ailments from skin conditions like Eczema, to joint pains caused by arthritis! Read more about reasons to use a CBD Topical here!
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