Pets and CBD: The Basics and More

Pets and CBD: The Basics and More

active cbd oilShaun Robbins-Pierce
Want to give your pet CBD but don’t know where to start? Let us help!
What Is Depression

CBD And Depression

Active CBD oilTaylor Curtis
At some point in life, the tides turn for the worse and we all go through depression. It’s something that is more frequent for some and can weigh you down till you feel suffocated. You feel like a raft in the eye of a storm, looking for any way out of the turbulence that you can see to alleviate the weight. In this blog we will explore what depression is, how it can affect day to day life, and how CBD could be a potential lifeline within the eye of the storm. 
What is Erectile Dysfunction

CBD and Erectile Dysfunction

anxietyShaun Robbins-Pierce
Can CBD really help erectile dysfunction? Let’s take a closer look. We’re here to give you a better understanding of CBD’s potential impact on erectile dysfunction!
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How Might CBD Impact Depression?

cannabidiolSeth B
We've all felt the “daily blues” at one time or another, but for some people, the feelings of sadness and an inability to enjoy themselves become s...
Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Tincture Review!

Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Tincture Review!

active cbdAlec T
Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Full Spectrum Tincture are the perfect beginning product for people new to CBD. The tinctures are easy to administer and we've been hearing our customers are experiencing great results. Learn more about our tinctures!
Dogs Get Stressed Too

Dogs Get Stressed Too

CBDJordyn Swanstrom

When it comes to my furry four legged friend, I want to make sure he’s always living his best life. Unfortunately, not every day for him and many other dogs are great due to many different reasons that make them stressed. It’s heartbreaking to stand idly by and watch them shake, start panting, and try to find the nearest form of cover to escape their harsh reality. Finally, I decided enough was enough, my poor dog needs some sort of relief from this chaos, so I started doing some research. After months of trial and error with different methods to help him cope with the seemingly never-ending nerves, I discovered CBD for dogs! Unfortunately, it is not a cure all, study suggest that it helps. Now, he lays next to me or in his bed while still occasionally becoming alarmed, but nothing nearly as bad as it used to be. 


Giving my Cat CBD

Giving my Cat CBD

4mgStar Barnes
This blog is all about giving my cat his CBD: what products I use, how much I give him, and why I give him CBD. If you're interested in giving your pet CBD but aren't sure where to begin, read this article!
Product Review: Active CBD Oil Capsules

Product Review: Active CBD Oil Capsules

Active CBD oilStar Barnes
Whether you're new to CBD or a CBD fanatic, you might be wondering if capsules are the right choice for you. This article goes over some information about the Active CBD Oil capsules, and why some prefer capsules over other methods of CBD consumption.

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