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My name is Corey Hartley. I am the Franchise Director at Discover Health Franchising, where I lead all aspects involved in the franchising of Discover CBD retail stores. Also functioning as Field Consultant, I directly assist franchisees and store managers to help develop and implement our hemp-based CBD store concepts at their own locations. Overall, my goal is to help each of my individual franchisees succeed to the best of their ability, thereby spreading the knowledge of CBD and helping promote accessibility to the benefits of cannabis.

Discover CBD Franchise Director

My involvement with cannabis goes back over half my life now. My passion for my job and the industry are evident in the enthusiasm and dedication that flows into my work. My interest in cannabis first began by following scientific research in high school, beginning to learn about biological effects of the plant. Over time the relationship progressed to personal use for medical reasons, and my disapproval of the misinformation regarding the benefits of cannabis began to strengthen. I had a role as one of the first members who helped establish the University of Georgia student organization chapter of NORML. After graduating from UGA with a B.S. in Microbiology with Honors, I began accumulating knowledge in varied aspects of the cannabis industry. Gaining experience as a grower led me to Colorado, where I first got access to hemp-based cannabidiol specific products, thanks to Discover CBD.

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Using CBD, I was able to stop my prescriptions for anxiety, and I became a believer in the products our stores provide. The benefits I experienced from using CBD redirected my interest from marijuana to the federally legal, non-intoxicating hemp industry. The opportunity to join the Discover CBD family came while using their products, when I was told about an open position as I shopped in the store. To my excitement, I was soon hired as a customer service representative. I also had the chance to expand my industry experience by being involved in product manufacturing early on. Eventually, I was promoted to keyholder, then to store manager. I managed Discover CBD stores in Colorado Springs and Denver before being offered a position with Discover Health Franchising.

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Personally, I value different perspectives and strive to remain mindful, especially focusing on gratitude for all that I am blessed. Outside of work, I most enjoy the centered feeling I achieve from being in nature. I accomplished fourteen of the renowned Colorado 14ers my first year hiking them, during which time I completely fell in love with Colorado. Once the peaks are blanketed in white, snowboarding is my favorite way to explore the mountains. When I am confined to the indoors at home, I often become engrossed in my long-term projects – such as learning to play the electric violin and expanding my knowledge of cactus cultivation. In the future, I hope to continue planting deeper roots in Colorado such as buying a house and building a greenhouse, since I have found a career and location I enjoy immensely.

                If you would like to contact me for assistance regarding a Discover CBD Franchise, or simply to chat about one of the cacti species in my office window, I am more than happy to help. I can be reached directly at or at my office number: 719-666-7222.

For general inquiries into opening your own Discover CBD franchise, please contact:

Discover Health Franchising Director Corey's Cacti

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Steve Olsen

Steve Olsen

This young man really knows what he’s talking about. His heart and his head have both evidently found the right place. No better person on the planet to put your trust in other than Cory if you are interested in going into this business,and I don’t just say this because he’s my nephew.

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