Maintaining Social Distancing During COVID-19 Response

In an effort to help the community and the nation maintain social distancing as the response to COVID-19 continues Discover CBD wants to make it easier to order online.

We will be offering free shipping for all U.S. orders starting today (March 20, 2020) until we reach a point in time in which we feel that it is no longer necessary.

In recent days we have all heard a lot about unfamiliar concepts including social distancing. The goal of social distancing is to create physical distance between people who do not live together. We have seen this play out in our own communities through actions like school closings, mandatory business closures, working remotely, and the cancelation of events large and small.

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Individually we can all work to maintain a distance of six feet from ourselves and others while in public as well as avoiding all physical contact with those who do not share our home.

There is some confusion around the aspect of avoiding gatherings of 10 or more people. For some, the impression is that it is ok to host small gatherings in individual homes or outside. Right now, the recommendation is that everyone limits close contact, whether in their homes or outside to immediate family members who live in the home only.

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Some communities are taking the next step and ordering residents to shelter in place. Under a shelter in place order, you are allowed to leave the house to complete essential tasks such as grocery shopping, but you are asked to limit those trips to once a week and to stay at home as much as possible.

If you would like more information on any of the recommendations from the CDC or the World Health Organization, please utilize the links below:



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