Product Review: Active CBD Oil Transdermal Patches

There are so many ways to take CBD, and the options seem to be growing with time. Most people have heard of tinctures, commonly referred to as oil or drops, but did you know you can also take CBD by just placing a patch on your skin? In fact, transdermal patches are my favorite method of CBD consumption, and I’ve tried so many different methods in the past ranging from capsules, to gummies as well as the beloved tincture

While I truly believe that every method of CBD consumption has its place, transdermal patches are by far my favorite. The patches I use are the Active CBD Oil transdermal patches, which come in packs of four, with each patch containing 60mg of CBD isolate and 4% lidocaine. Many people report feeling quite a bit sleepy after taking large doses of CBD. I’m definitely included in that group of people, so I never take a whole patch at once. I often cut the patches up into smaller doses, measuring out at either 15 or 30mg of CBD depending on the day. I use the patches for pain management, and often need that relief while at work, which is a main reason I don’t want to be getting sleepy. That being said, the lower doses still work wonders for me, and they stretch my dollar. I also really appreciate that cutting the patches is an option, because it gives you a little more freedom to play around with your ideal dose, unlike capsules.

Beyond the fact that you get to play with dose when using a patch, I really enjoy the fact that I personally experience long lasting relief, with a pretty quick onset. For myself, it generally takes only 10 to 20 minutes to feel effects from the patch. I find the effects tend to build up overtime, reaching a peak relief at around the one hour mark. This relief is pretty steady for me for about 5 hours, and then slowly tapers off. This can give me pretty solid relief for a whole workday, easily. I don’t find the same longevity in most other CBD consumption methods. 


In addition to the long lasting relief, I find the Active CBD Oil patches to be convenient. It’s super easy to take the patch and place it on a part of your skin. Ideal placement is somewhere with thinner skin and veins close to the surface, so that the CBD can more easily penetrate your skin to enter the bloodstream. A very common area to place the patch would be on the inner wrist, I enjoy this placement, too, because if anybody does notice it it can be a fun conversation starter! Though, if you’d rather be more discreet, there are other areas you can place the patch and they are translucent so they are not too noticeable. 

Lastly, I really appreciate the fact that, since these patches are made from CBD isolate, they are THC free. This can make them a great option for people looking to avoid THC, while still seeking relief. Even if you’re not looking to avoid THC, though, I’ve still personally found these to be incredibly effective, and they’re definitely worth a try! Feel free to pick up the Active CBD Oil patches today! Each package is $34.99 before tax. They’re available online, and in many of our DiscoverCBD locations, including all of our Colorado locations: 

We currently have 5 Colorado locations, 3 in Colorado Springs and 2 in Denver:

North Colorado Springs: 3438 N. Academy Blvd.

South Colorado Springs: 3215 S. Academy Blvd.

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