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Strain Snobs! Who are they and do their products work? Strain Snobs is a company that’s closely affiliated with DiscoverCBD. They began in Colorado Springs, Co. when three individuals, a medical doctor, a business professional and an experienced marijuana and hemp Horticulturist saw a market of untapped potential for legal hemp-derived cannabinoids. They have since grown to have a full line of high quality and trustworthy products. So trustworthy in fact they include a scannable QR code on each product that takes you directly to a third-party lab test showing a detailed report of the cannabinoids in the product. But do these products work? And if so, how well? Let’s discuss.


1000mg - HHC Distilled Carts 

With two strains to choose from, Pineapple Express (Sativa) and OG Kush (Indica) at 1000mg HHC per cart, these cartridges are perhaps my favorite recreational product. I tried the Pineapple Express cartridge, and the relaxing body high and slight euphoric head rush makes for the perfect medical, recreational balance. Not to mention the strong terpene profile creates a sweet, fruity, floral taste you're sure to appreciate. Ultimately, I’ve decided to switch from dispensary carts to the HHC carts. The effects from the HHC are just psychoactive enough to alleviate anxiety and stress but not strong enough to stop you from getting your day-to-day tasks done. Not to mention, the HHC carts are generally more cost effective.

500mg - HHC Gummies 

Each bottle has 10 gummies, at 50mg HHC per gummy for only $19.99. It's not a bad deal. The gummies themselves have a unique taste and texture. I can’t necessarily say I'm a fan of the taste or texture as but the effects of the HHC more than make up for it. Compared to the carts the gummies give a stronger psychoactive head high. While they aren't necessarily psychedelic, they do give a stronger feeling of euphoria in both the head and body. I’d say they're the perfect treat for a cozy night in watching comedies.  

420mg - THC-O Tincture

THC-O is known to have strong, psychedelic high felt in both the body and mind and this product certainly does just that. There are two different strains to choose from: Pineapple Express (Sativa) and Tangie (Indica). I tried Pineapple Express and immediately took note of the light sweet flavor the tincture has. It reminded me of a fruity smuckers chap stick. I usually struggle with tinctures, specifically the sublingual application. If the oil is too thick or hempy I have an extremely difficult time swallowing it, but not with this product! Because I used the sublingual application method the onset of the effects was felt almost immediately. With-in the span of a few minutes I began to notice slight hallucinogenic effects with little to no mental fog and heightened creativity as well as a relaxing and euphoric body high. With this product leaning heavily on the recreational side of things, it’s the perfect choice for someone looking to have a fun and creative day.

200mg/ 500mg - THC-O Gummies

The THC-O gummies certainly aren't as psychedelic as the tincture, but they still pack a punch. The texture is similar to the texture of the HHC gummies, unique to say the least. But the flavor is much more appeasing, fruity and hempy. The effects consist of a strong relaxing body high and a slight euphoric head high. 50mg of these gummies closely compares to the effects of your typical 10mg dispensary edible at a much more affordable cost. If you’re looking to try something new and different but still want that classic ‘high’ feeling the THC-O Gummies may be the perfect option for you.

160mg- Sippin' Syrup 

This full spectrum, water soluble product takes a fun and fresh approach to your delta-9 experience! Named after the infamous Goji OG sativa dominate strain, this warm and citrusy syrup gives you the classic cannabis experience. The first thing I noticed was that the onset time was between 20-30 minutes, about twice as fast as regular edibles. The syrup itself is very thick, but easily diluted with ice or your choice of drink. The effects themselves consisted of a calming head high paired with a relaxing body high lasting 3-4 hours. In my opinion, this is the perfect product for novice smokers looking for a fun yet gentle cannabis experience. 


Strain Snobs takes an exciting and fresh approach to cannabinoids in an array of products and strengths. Of course, if you're wanting to try any of these be sure to consult your healthcare professional in advance. Do not use these products if you’re nursing, pregnant, or plan to become pregnant. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if actively using these products. As of 2022 you must be 21 years or older to purchase these products. Feel free to check out these products at one of our many in-store locations or online at

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