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CBD News — CBD and anxiety

Report: "50% of Millennials Would Pick CBD Over Prescriptions For Mental Health"

Posted by Adam F on

recent study of over 2,000 adults uncovered some striking revelations about modern healthcare systems and the growing shift toward using CBD as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. 

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Levi's Watermelon 550 mg CBD E-Liquid Review

Posted by Andrew Contreras on

Are you thinking about using CBD? Are you thinking about using CBD in a vape? Well I’m here to help you out! I’ve been vaping for many years now and it’s been a huge help in my life & now I’m going to be trying out the Active brand CBD oil E-Juice! For me, I’m looking to CBD for a variety of reasons such as pain in my hands as well as for anxiety, stress and even sleep. I’ve tried a few other methods so I figured why not give CBD a go. Now there are a lot of products to choose from so...

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Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Tincture Review!

Posted by Alec T on

Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Full Spectrum Tincture are the perfect beginning product for people new to CBD. The tinctures are easy to administer and we've been hearing our customers are experiencing great results. Learn more about our tinctures!

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Get Involved: CBD Clinical Trials

Posted by Corey Hartley on

Research into the effects of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, continues to progress into exploring an astonishing variety of systems and disorders. Although government restrictions on cannabis research hindered advancement until very recently, currently research has been blooming. If you would like to take part in this research and further our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the relief provided by the endocannabinoid system - check out the current clinical trials involving CBD. Many are currently recruiting participants all across the country - you could get involved!

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How Might CBD Impact Depression?

Posted by Seth B on

We've all felt the “daily blues” at one time or another, but for some people, the feelings of sadness and an inability to enjoy themselves become so intense and so pervasive that they interfere with people's abilities to live a normal life. This issue is known as depression, and it is one of the most prominent mental health issues in the United States today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 7% of American teens and adults are experiencing depression at any given point in time. Having one episode of depression can also make people more...

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