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Active CBD’s 275mg Extra Strength Tincture is a product we see people starting with when they are new to CBD and have seen many people using it for issues like pain, anxiety, arthritis, inflammations, sleeping and many other problems that people deal with. These tinctures are also THC free which we see many people asking about. Having a THC free product that is backed up by 3rd party lab results assures people who want to try CBD only that they won’t have a product that has trace amounts of THC in it. I use CBD for a few issues such as back pains, anxiety and aid in sleeping at night. For me this product is one of my favorites for its convenience and more importantly the effectiveness I get out of it! I personally like the relaxation period I get throughout my day, it really calms me down and think straight. 

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The tinctures also come in three flavors, unflavored, cinnamon and vanilla! Unflavored will have a grassy, herbal taste to it. Cinnamon will cover it up the most with a cinnamon oil extract and vanilla will be a tad subtle. The 275mg Tincture also has other great benefits and that is that it considered “Full Spectrum". Full spectrum products contain other essential organic materials like cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids, and terpenes that will synergize together to have more potential benefits than just CBD isolate by itself. CBD has the potential to help out with a whole plethora of problems and we find more and more people are satisfied with CBD when using it on a regular basis! The great thing about our 275mg tincture is it's a perfect beginning product for adults who are curious to how CBD could benefit them!

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The convenient thing about our 275mg Extra Strength Tinctures is on top of it being water soluble (which makes the body absorb it more efficiently) it can be either applied sublingually or it can be added to a beverage of choice. Keep in mind that both ways of consumption can change how long and how fast the CBD will stay within your body. If the tincture is applied under the tongue we typically see people doing this for a faster acting method over adding it to a beverage. When applied under the tongue the effects of CBD will take around 10-15 minutes to kick in and will last anywhere from 4-6 hours. When you add CBD to a beverage we see that this method takes longer to kick in (about an hour) but will reside in your body for a longer duration of around 10-12 hours. How you want to intake CBD will be decided upon your personal preference and what you are specifically using CBD for! For me I like to add 1 dropperful of it to my coffee in the morning for an all-day effect and then at night apply it under my tongue for faster results before I go to bed! I will use CBD as needed too! During specific parts of my day like before and when I get back from the gym or even after a nice long hike its always nice to consume small doses of CBD which will usually give me relief from those slight muscle aches!

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A common question people ask when new to CBD is how much should I be dosing especially when starting out? We typically see adults (when new to CBD) starting anywhere between 7mg-21mg of CBD per day! CBD is something that will be gauged personally over time and in that duration you will be able to decide what dosage of CBD works properly for you! Everyone is different with how they perceive CBD so when starting make sure you start small and gradually increase CBD as you feel you need too. The tincture itself has a handy dropper tool that will show two doses, a 0.8mL line and a 0.4mL line that will indicate the CBD content. These tinctures specifically will provide 7mg of CBD per dropperful (0.8mL dose) and in total will provide around 37 doses (one dose is based off of 0.8mL).

Dose 275mg 7mg Pain anxiety stress workout gym morning dose night dose

CBD’s effectiveness will be different for everybody and when dosing it there are a few things to keep into consideration. CBD works on a “bell curve” were CBD effectiveness will be potentially found with a steady increase of CBD over time and if new to CBD, taking it in very high dosages could have the same effectiveness of taking CBD in a very low dose. The graph below will give a broad representation of effectiveness of CBD compared to the Milligram content consumed.  Again this graph will be unique to everyone and effectiveness compared to milligrams of CBD will vary from person to person. Everyone who uses CBD will have different experiences and over time people find what milligrams of CBD works specifically for them. Me personally I take around 18 mg of CBD a day and I find the effects of CBD are working for me! I will dose CBD twice a day but it is not uncommon for people to dose more than that in a day or as needed! 

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