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CBD Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Posted by Melinda Bloch on

The holiday season is upon us – bring on the cookies, cakes, candies and hot cocoa! There isn’t a better way to get through the holidays than with our healthy, CBD infused version of Peppermint Bark using our Active CBD Isolate Powder!

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Valentines Day Recipe: CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Posted by Erin Christie on

CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Bananas for that special someone in your life! Super delicious and easy to make at home!

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Product Review: 30 mg CBD Lollipop by Green Roads

Posted by Corey Hartley on

I was surprised by how much I liked the Green Garden Gold 30 mg CBD lollipop, I enjoyed benefiting from the strong 30 mg dose as well as the subjective experience of two different routes of administration with one product. The flavor was enjoyable as well, especially for a full spectrum product.

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CBD infused muffin recipe

Posted by Melinda Bloch on

We have designed this recipe by customer request! There isn’t any easier way to bake with CBD than making these CBD isolate infused muffins. What I love about this recipe is how much you can customize it to suit your taste or mood. We have listed a bunch of suggestions on how to boost up this recipe at the bottom of the page. Each muffin will contain around 40mg of CBD. 

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What Makes Cannabidiol Unique from Other Cannabinoids?

Posted by Seth B on

If you've done some research on cannabidiol (CBD), you may start to wonder why CBD has become the star molecule of daily supplement products, instead of one of the other cannabinoids that exist. After all, the hemp plant produces over 450 different compounds, including at least 100 types of cannabinoids. So why would CBD become the sole cannabinoid to be featured in balms, tinctures, and even cookies?   It's a valid question to ask and the research shows that CBD has numerous features that set it apart from other cannabinoids. First, CBD is the most common cannabinoid in most hemp...

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