Product Review: Active CBD Oil Capsules

Over the years as my relationship with CBD has developed I’ve tried multiple methods of consuming CBD. Like most people, I started off with a CBD oil that I took under my tongue. While it tasted unpleasant, it washed away my stress. A few months after that I graduated to CBD vape products, gummies, transdermal patches, and capsules. I still occasionally use tinctures and oils among a variety of other methods, but recently I’ve preferred the strong long-lasting relief I get when using capsules. 

The capsules I take are the Active CBD Oil broad spectrum capsules. Each gelcap contains 25mg of broad spectrum CBD and is super easy to swallow, unlike some supplements I have taken in the past. Research has shown that broad spectrum CBD is often more effective than isolate, due to the entourage effect. However, broad spectrum CBD contains terpenes and flavonoids which tend to taste pretty awful. In a capsule I find I get the same broad spectrum relief I want without having to deal with the terrible taste. Another thing that really stands out to me about capsules as opposed to other methods of consuming CBD is how long the effects last. Generally, effects can last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, depending on the person. This was perfect for me recently, as I had a surgery and was experiencing persistent pain with no relief from the prescribed medication. 


While I first used CBD to quell my stress, I found out it was also an effective option for relieving my pain. I use CBD near-daily to help with pains ranging anywhere from muscle soreness to joint pain and even menstrual cramps. Research has shown that when ingested, CBD has the potential to be pain relieving and may contain anti-inflammatory properties; it may even help people struggling with sleep issues, mental health, and other ailments. I really enjoy that I can feel many benefits in my life from taking only one thing, though I do like to change up what CBD products I take to best suit my needs. While I was recovering from my surgery, capsules were my preferred method, not only due to their long lasting effects, but also because they are easy and convenient. 


When you’re already taking other supplements or medications in pill form, it can be super easy to add CBD to your regimen. Many other methods of consuming CBD can be quite conspicuous, making it a less popular option for people who prefer to keep their CBD use more discreet. Beyond that, many people who are new to the world of CBD might be uncomfortable with a tincture or a vape. Having the familiarity of a gelcap can be welcoming to many in this position, especially to those on any other medications. Keep in mind, if you are taking CBD and are on other medications, it is extremely important to check with your doctor first to eliminate any potential drug interactions.  

The variety of methods available for taking CBD offer a unique experience for each individual. Whether you’re new to CBD, or have been taking it for a while and desire new ways to take it, consider trying capsules. The Active CBD Oil capsules can be found online or in store at DiscoverCBD. 

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