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What Exactly is Full Spectrum?

Posted by Don Ayala on

With all the hype about CBD lately, most people get lost in a sea of information. When looking for CBD products, customers see 'Full Spectrum' but most usually do not know the difference between a CBD isolate compared to a full spectrum product. Due to its non-psychoactive healing properties, CBD has become a very popular option for people searching for a natural alternative to treat conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. As people start to understand how CBD can be used to alleviate their symptoms, they are often faced with a choice between using products made from CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD.

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A CBD Isolate is exactly what it sounds like: pure, isolated CBD compound, all by itself. It comes in a white powder as well as a crystallized version and contains no other additives. It was initially believed that pure CBD was the "Gold Standard" of non-psychoactive cannabis therapy. There have been a lot of promising medical studies showing all of the health benefits that CBD has and people are loving it because it doesn’t produce any impairing psychoactive effects.



Full-spectrum oil contains other active plant compounds in addition to the CBD. This refers to the functioning of CBD along with other plant compounds rather than by itself. Full spectrum CBD contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fibers. This includes other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV, and CBC, as well as aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene. When referring to CBD in the hemp plant, it’s important to understand that hemp contains a large number of cannabinoids (in trace amounts). In 2015, one of the most recent and important studies relating to full spectrum CBD took place at the Hadassah School in Jerusalem, Israel. This study compared the performance of a full spectrum oil with one that was strictly CBD only. The study concluded full spectrum products have an advantage over a CBD isolate in certain situations. [1]

That being said, CBD isolate still has a very appropriate and needed place in the cannabis industry. Most individuals like to use this powder to make their own blend of CBD tinctures and topicals. They mix this raw form of CBD with their preference of cooking oil for a plethora of uses. The oil can be applied to the skin, taken orally or even baked into edibles.

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