Choosing the Perfect CBD Topical

CBD topicals are any easy way to integrate CBD into your wellness routine without having to ingest the product. Topicals are applied directly to the skin which allows you to control where the CBD will be absorbed. CBD topicals can be used to help with a variety of minor issues such as localized aches and pains in addition to alleviating some skin issues such as dryness.

how to choose cbd topicals

Choosing the right CBD topical is not as difficult as it may seem. The first step is to identify your goals for the product and determine what types of products you are already comfortable using. For example, Active CBD Oil Performance Patches are geared for long lasting relief while Active CBD Oil Salve is made for more immediate and localized results.

The next step involves analyzing your daily activities and determining when you would like to use the CBD topical. The Active CBD Roll On is a great way to take CBD on the go as it is compact and concentrated. Active CBD Oil Bath Bombs are best for a relaxing night in with your favorite relaxing accompaniments.

With so many options how do you choose? We asked around the office and have gathered some recommendations and staff favorites!

Active CBD Oil Lotion: Taylor/ Front Desk & Customer Service Lead
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“Using products that are all natural is very important to me. I like the Active CBD Oil lotion because it smooths my dry skin no matter what season it is. Living in Colorado makes my skin very dry and the lotion is a great way to feel silky smooth. I use the lavender citrus scent right before bed to help calm my mind and body before I fall asleep. The menthol scent has a tingling sensation which is perfect for keeping my feet pedicure smooth and refreshed after a long day in heels. I really like that the lotion is certified by the international animal rights organization Leaping Bunny as being cruelty free for all animals.”

Active CBD Oil Roll On: Tanya/ Purchasing & Inventory Manager
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“I keep one of these little roll ons in every purse and hiking bag that I own! The roll on is perfect for when I feel a headache starting or when my hands start to get stiff from typing all day. Bonus feature- it’s a great solution for bug bites; it stops the irritation and itch from the bite and the peppermint scent actually works to repel bugs. I never leave home for a camping trip or day hike without it. Another feature that I think goes overlooked is the concentration- there is 500mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle, which makes it the most concentrated CBD topical that we sell. It’s a classic staple of my CBD stash.”

woman sitting in chair next to vending machine holding salve jars
“Without a doubt the salve is my go-to product daily. I use the salve for almost everything as I am pretty minimalist when it comes to a beauty routine. The salve keeps my skin looking refreshed and hydrated. It is also my top recommendation for those who are looking for something to help them with aches and pains from activity. Joint pain is something that many people struggle with and most of our customers have been able to find some relief by using the salve when and where they need it most. The popularity of the salve has inspired us to develop more options; we now have a delta-8 salve, and we are working on releasing a full spectrum salve for those who want to take advantage of the added potential benefits of the full range of cannabinoids. This salve is so versatile that almost anyone can use it.”

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“I am constantly hurting my back and shoulders (my massage therapist says that is where I carry all of my stress). The patches have been the perfect solution for the days that I cannot turn my head or move because of a muscle spazzing out. What I love most is how easy it is to forget that the patch is even there- I can put it on and go about my day, even shower with it on and not have any pain. I really like that there is no smell to the patch at all and that I can feel the lidocaine instantly. I also really love the lip balm. This is the first lip balm I have found that actually keeps my lips from drying out. I have been taking medication that severely dries out my skin and lips, causing them to crack and split. Once I started keeping a lip balm with me at all times my lips healed quickly. My favorite flavor is the coconut lime. :)"
Don’t believe us?
Here’s what some customers have said about Active CBD Oil topicals:

Active CBD Oil Bath Bombs

“Phenomenal product! Taking a bath is such a luxury for me, and this just steps it up a notch. I love giving these to friends as gifts! And remember: CBD is legal in every State.”- Amanda G.

“Soothing and relaxing - a great bathing experience that left my skin soft and soothed.” - LauraLee H.

Active CBD Oil Salve

“l was skeptical, but willing to try it. Goes on smoothly and rubs in nicely. It simply didn't feel like anything - no odor at all. But within a few minutes, relief was felt. My husband and I both find it extremely beneficial for our arthritic (senior) hands. A jar lasts a long time. Definitely plan to continue using it, but want to try the lotion also.” - Laura B.

“Great product! I slather it on both hands for osteoarthritis thumb joint issues and wear cotton gloves each night for pain relief! I'm a repeat customer. The CBD lotion is good, too.” - Jennifer D.

Active CBD Oil Lotion

“Excellent!! The lotion is fast acting and alleviates painful joints as well as muscle pain. Highly recommend it.” - James D.

“The lotion works very well. I'm a seasoned citizen who has aches and pains from a couple of back surgeries, car accidents, and a continued love of bowling. This product keeps me in the game! I also have a son who runs NCAA track and he uses it, too with good results.” - William M.

Active CBD Oil Roll On

“I love this roll on! 500mg of CBD packs a punch.”- Samantha

“I bought my first Active roll on from a boutique in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have always been prone to migraines, tried several different medications. Which would just make me tired and wouldn't really help take the pain away. After trying the roll on I was blown away at how fast it eased the pain. I didn't get nauseous like I would with medication. Talk about a plus!! Will be keeping the Active cbd roll on by my side from now on!! Talk about a miracle!!!” - Whitley Gregory

Active CBD Oil Lip Balm

“I’m a chap-stick-aholic…I used to only use Burt’sBee’s and never thought I’d find anything better. Until I discovered this line. Changed my whole game…now this is the only chap stick I use.” - Amanda G.

“I have a allergy to shea butter and soy bean. They are found in just about all lip balms. I have eczema around my lips and they tend to break out so this CBD lip balm works perfectly for me. No soy bean or shea butter!” - Alexis S.

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