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After a long work week, I like to unwind with some friends on the weekend. Sometimes that includes going out, and having a few drinks together. The downside is that the next day can leave me feeling anything but 100%. After a lot of trial and error trying to cure that hangover feeling, I figured out that CBD oil actually helped take away some of the less desirable attributes like nausea and dizziness. This piqued my interest so I started to do some more research on exactly why it was able to help and what would be the best way to consume it.



What causes a hangover? Alcohol can potentially impair your immune system, forcing your body to adapt to the influx of alcohol entering your system. It can also trigger an electrolyte imbalance in your body causing headaches, irritability, and weakness in your body. 




 Symptoms and How CBD helps:

  • Nausea

One of the biggest reasons most people get nauseous after a night of drinking, is because your body is trying to protect itself from having all those toxic substances residing in there. The muscles contract, and release it out of the body. When consuming alcohol, it directly affects your brain stem responsible for controlling you from getting nauseous. Alcohol also triggers your stomach to produce more acid than normal, and while CBD can’t lessen the amount of acid that’s produced, it can help give support to the part of the brain that controls vomiting since CBD provides the calming factor for most people.  



  • Dizziness/Headaches

When you consume a high amount of alcohol into your system, it tends to expand/dilate your blood vessels. Which can almost provide you with a calm feeling throughout your body at first. Unfortunately, as you continue to drink your heart rate increases. But, your blood vessels can't accommodate all that extra blood, so you'll start to feel that weakness increasing. With all that unnecessary pressure you'll slowly start to notice a headache or even a migraine start to form. Since CBD also gives most people a relaxed feeling, it can potentially stop your heart rate from excelling so rapidly. 



 We all know that going out and having a couple of drinks is all fun and games until that hangover kicks in the next morning. Who would have ever thought that CBD could help ease that? I never did until I gave it a try and I definitely do not regret it! There are a few different ways you could consume CBD that will help get rid of some of those symptoms like taking CBD tinctures, maybe some vape products are even an edible or two. Dealers choice! 



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