New Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Vape Additive 1000mg Product Review

When it comes to pain management, most people who are suffering from chronic pain lots of times tend to prefer a quicker method of delivering the CBD oil to the body.  Although there are many ways of applying CBD oil to the body quickly, we have seen from past results that vaping may be the fastest administration of CBD oil, hence relieving whatever pain the individual might be experiencing. So when I was asked to review our new Active CBD oil 1000 mg e-liquid vape additive, I was excited nonetheless but also very curious about how much effect it would have on my social anxiety. Although every person who vapes CBD oil takes a hit differently, the quick and instant relief seems to be the reason were told consumers are preferring to vape rather than any other application. 

For someone who vapes and takes CBD oil daily, I was skeptical on how well an 'additive' would work for the relief I was looking for, since I already had a CBD oil e-juice that I have been using. To be honest, I had no idea how it would compete with a ready-to-go e-juice. For my first try, I made a 2:1 ratio (CBDoil:e-juice) and started to vape. After about my fourth hit I realized that my anxiety had decreased but it wasn't the comfort level that I usually get with when vaping CBD oil. But then I remembered a crucial fact about CBD dosing: taking too much is just as worse as not taking enough, my body was wasting the rest of it. So it was inevitable that I had to change my measurement. I waited until the next day to give it another shot. Without hesitation I made a 1:1 ratio with my e-juice and the additive.  Shortly after I proceeded to vape, (around my fifth puff), I was not only surprised by not only how quickly it entered my system but also the fact that it didn't effect the taste at all. The relieving effect of the CBD oil lasted only about 20 minutes, until I was left reaching for my vaporizer again. 

My tank is fairly small (3ml) and I also tend to vape often, so by the time I was on my way home from work, the tank had to be refilled. I have been noticing that vaping CBD oil is helping me with deep rooted issues such as migraines and anxiety but was lacking when I needed a longer duration of pain management, similar to what a capsule or an oral tincture would do for me.

Overall, I do have to say that I was impressed with the end results. Not only because it helped with my anxiety issues, but also how quickly I got the effect per hit. Another benefit I noticed was the fact that I didn't have to sacrifice taste, because I was simply able to add it to any e-juice I already had and liked. Also don't let the size of the bottle fool you, this new additive will most certainly pack a punch! Infused with 1000mg of CBD oil, I have seen only with a couple days of use that, a little really does go a long way.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! To get your very own Active CBD oil 1000 mg E-Liquid Additive,  come into any one of our Discover CBD stores, on the web at, facebook, or by simply calling us at, 719-358-7553 to place an order!

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