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CBD News — CBD anxiety

Levi's Watermelon 550 mg CBD E-Liquid Review

Posted by Andrew Contreras on

Are you thinking about using CBD? Are you thinking about using CBD in a vape? Well I’m here to help you out! I’ve been vaping for many years now and it’s been a huge help in my life & now I’m going to be trying out the Active brand CBD oil E-Juice! For me, I’m looking to CBD for a variety of reasons such as pain in my hands as well as for anxiety, stress and even sleep. I’ve tried a few other methods so I figured why not give CBD a go. Now there are a lot of products to choose from so...

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Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Tincture Review!

Posted by Alec T on

Active CBD's 275mg Extra Strength Full Spectrum Tincture are the perfect beginning product for people new to CBD. The tinctures are easy to administer and we've been hearing our customers are experiencing great results. Learn more about our tinctures!

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New Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Vape Additive 1000mg Product Review

Posted by Dea Hong on

When it comes to pain management, most people who are suffering from chronic pain lots of times tend to prefer a quicker method of delivering the CBD oil to the body.  Although there are many ways of applying CBD oil to the body quickly, we have seen from past results that vaping may be the fastest administration of CBD oil, hence relieving whatever pain the individual might be experiencing. So when I was asked to review our new Active CBD oil 1000 mg e-liquid vape additive, I was excited nonetheless but also very curious about how much effect it would have on my social...

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What are Terpenes?

Posted by Don Ayala on

What gives a plant its smell and taste? Terpenes! Let's take a look at some research and studies conducted on terpenes and cannabinoid working together. How Can this help you? What does 'terpenes' mean? We'll answer all these questions and more

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Can CBD help with Tourette's Syndrome?

Posted by Ryan Mandaville on

CBD and Tourette’s What is Tourette’s Syndrome? Tourette’s Syndrome  is becoming more and more common. Tourette’s is a debilitating neurological disorder that’s emerges in young children and affects the individual throughout their whole life. The disorder involves involuntary movements and vocalizations known as “Tics”.  This can also be defined as “Chronic Tic Disorder”. Some are lucky enough to become tic-free after adolescence, some of the not so lucky ones continue persistent tics in adulthood. Tourette’s can affect all races or ethnic groups; however, it is found 3 to 4 times more commonly in young male than females. The cause of this...

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