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It’s time for another Active CBD oil product review! The product I will be reviewing in this post is our Active CBD oil isolate slab. If you are not familiar with CBD isolate, this term simply means CBD by itself, with no other molecules. In other words, CBD isolate is CBD that has been isolated from any other chemical compounds. For those wishing to get the most CBD bang for their buck, our CBD isolate powder and slab have always been the products of choice.

While we have many customers who use the CBD isolate powder to make things like their own tinctures, topicals, or edibles, we also have many customers whose preferred method of consuming CBD is by vaping our CBD isolate slab.

Vaping the isolate slab is a different and slightly more involved process than vaping CBD e-liquid. To vape CBD e-liquid, all you need is a standard refillable vape pen or vape mod, which can be found at most Discover CBD locations or any vape shop. From there, it is a simple process of filling the tank with e-liquid and waiting a few minutes, and you are ready to vape. Most vape tanks hold from 1-5ml of e-liquid, so they don’t require refilling as often, or keeping the vape held a certain way.

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When it comes to vaping CBD isolate directly, however, a different kind of vape device is needed. In addition to traditional e-liquid vape devices, we also sell concentrate vapes at most Discover CBD locations. A concentrate vape is what is needed to vape pure CBD isolate. For the concentrate vapes that we sell, the battery will be the same as on a traditional vape pen, but the top is a glass globe surrounding the exposed ceramic and quartz coil. This coil is where the isolate goes to be vaped. There are other styles of concentrate vapes available, but this is one of the most economical and simple concentrate vapes to operate.

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When opening one of our containers of CBD isolate slab, the first thing you will notice is the several pieces of milky white or cream-colored crystalline pieces that appear to be quite solid, and can be picked up without leaving residue on the fingers. If you have a tool on hand to break them into smaller pieces, you can use that as well if you prefer. If you come into our stores to buy our isolate slab and you want one of these tools, just let us know, and if we have them available we can give you one with the slab.

When I opened my container of slab for review, the slab pieces were a beautiful, consistent milky cream color. The slab broke apart easily using the tool, leaving very little trace powder from where it had broken. Now it was time to add the slab to the coil and vape it.

The little chunk of isolate slab fit almost perfectly into the coil on the globe top concentrate vape. When using the globe tops and most other concentrate vapes as well, it is considered best practice to turn on the vape for a few moments after adding the concentrate in order to let the concentrate melt into the coil, in order to prevent accidentally inhaling the concentrate in a solid state. I hit the button, waited for the isolate to melt until I began to see little wisps of vapor, and then inhaled, still holding the button.

The taste was pure and clean, with no other residual flavors that I could discern. One of the first things I noticed was how quickly the CBD seemed to take effect, especially compared to other methods of consumption. Particularly when compared to vaping CBD e-liquid, although the e-liquid still has a strong effect of relaxation and calm on me, vaping the isolate slab seemed to be much more immediate and direct. Shortly after inhalation, I felt a sense of calm and tranquility.

Over the course of the next few hours, I would break off another few pieces of slab to vape. The more CBD slab I vaped, the more pronounced the effect of relaxation seemed to become. Overall, while the process is a bit more involved than vaping CBD e-liquid, the effects are truly unmatched for the most directly acting, purest form of CBD possible. It is worth noting that this is my own personal experience; as always, everybody is different, with different metabolisms and endocannabinoid systems, and CBD will thus affect everybody differently.

Want to give the CBD slab or shatter + terpenes a try? Stop in to one of our brick and mortar locations today, or place your order online at DiscoverCBD.com! Other questions or comments? Give us a call at 719-358-7553 and we will do everything we can to help you out!

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