Product Review: CBD 99% Isolate, the Ultimate Versatile Product

Product Review: CBD 99% Isolate, the Ultimate Versatile Product

I know I can’t be the only one who looks for the cheapest, most effective methods when I am shopping. Are you looking for a product that is cost effective and potent? Then look no further! The Active CBD oil 99% Isolate Hemp Powder is the product for you. This powder is tasteless and odorless, making it really easy to add to recipes that contain an oil, fat, or solvent. But that description does not do this powerful powder justice. This product’s potential ends at the limits of your own creativity. Not only is it incredibly versatile and can be used to create tons of fun concoctions, this wonder powder can be consumed by itself, or even vaped! I even made my own CBD salve within minutes with a little help from our website. I believe there is a use for CBD isolate powder for everyone.

I recently purchased 1 gram of Active isolate powder and continue everyday to be amazed with this product. Not only can I put this powder in my favorite oil based snacks with ease, it has been a great addition to my vape and dab collection. By itself, the powder is completely tasteless, both when consumed or vaped/dab. This is by far the quickest way for me to feel the relief from the CBD. Which makes the powder great for mixing with other smoking/vaping products. Whether it be adding to another CBD product or THC, this powder will not displease. It is the perfect crumble on top of buds or flower and can easily be applied to my favorite concentrates from around town. Something to keep in mind when smoking or consuming the raw powder is that accurate dosing is pretty complicated because it is such a fine powder. Adding this product to a larger oil base is definitely the best way to get the most accurate dose. 

Active CBD Oil 99% Isolate is an activated, or decarboxylated, product. This means that this fine powder can be consumed without adding or doing anything else. You can simply put a small scoop under your tongue and be on your way! Once again, keep in mind this is not the easiest way to dose because it is hard to tell how much of the powder you are using per dose. This product has its highest bioavailability from the isolate when I added it to coconut cil and made my own scentless salve! But there are just so many options to do with this product, it is hard to choose! I am planning on making my own e-juice liquid next so I will keep you updated on the nifty flavors I will inevitably come up with! 


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